Encryption Software To Protect Private Files, Permanently Delete Files

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Cr!ptAES is a free encryption software that is used to protect private files and folders. You can set password for encrypting files and can select any of the suitable encryption algorithm. There are multiple encryption methods available, such as AES 128, AES 192, AES 256, Blowfish 128, Blowfish 448, Serpent 128, Serpent 256 bit etc.

The unique feature present in Cr!ptAES is that it provides option to securely and permanently delete files, which is possible with some file deletion software. Moreover, it also helps to view input files and folders information (empty files, set of file extensions etc.), calculate finger prints for files, and more. These features distinguish Cr!ptAES from some similar file encryption software.

Cr!ptAES- interface

Some Key Features Present In This Free Encryption Software are:

  • It is a handy software to quickly encrypt multiple files and folders altogether.
  • It is not limited to encrypt/decrypt only text files or media files. Any kind of file can be encrypted using Cr!ptAES.
  • Supports different encryption algorithms, like AES, Serpent, and Blowfish.
  • Provides multiple operation modes. Such as:
    • Auto (default) mode to decrypt the files which are ending with *.cript form and encrypt other input files.
    • Encrypt mode/ Decrypt mode to encrypt or decrypt all the input files and folders.
    • Finger Print mode to calculate the SHA256 finger print of all selected files.

Cr!ptAES- operation modes

    • Wipe mode to permanently delete input files or folders.
    • Information mode to get information about input files (their extensions, empty files, and more).
  • Password protection for encrypted files is also present here. Thus, it ensures double security. You need to provide the same password to decrypt encrypted files.
  • It is very lightweight encryption software. It comes in a zip file as well as with installer setup.
  • Anyone can use it completely free.

Protect Confidential Files and Folders With Cr!ptAES:

You will find it very easy to protect confidential files using Cr!ptAES. The very first thing you have to do is add those files and folders on its interface which you want to protect. Any document, text file, media file, etc. can be added. It also provides the drag n drop support to quickly add stuff on its interface.

After adding files and folders, write any password of your choice, and select an encryption method to begin the encryption process. As visible in above screenshot, you can select any of the available encryption method and can generate random password.

Cr!ptAES- encrypt input files and folders

Generating a random password using Cr!ptAES will ensure more security. Now select any operation mode according to your requirement. Select Encrypt mode so that you can encrypt all of the input stuff. After this, hit on the Cr!pt button to start the encryption process. Once done, don’t forget to delete original files.

Whenever you want to decrypt files, simply add encrypted files on its interface, provide the same password, select Decrypt mode and decrypt files to destination location of your wish.


Cr!ptAES is really a handy encryption software. Best part is that it can encrypt any kind of files and can be used as file deletion software to permanently delete files without any possibility of recovering them. You can try this free file and folder encryption software.

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