Windows 10 Unique Puzzle Game App with Relaxed, Timed Modes to Play

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Totemo is a Windows 10 unique puzzle game app where you start with matching 2, then 3, then 4 spirits to eliminate them from the board. The story behind the app is that there are spirits stuck in between two worlds and to release them you have to bind them to a totem. There will be a guide spirit which will guide you from time to time. There are two modes of game play one is a relaxed one and the other one is timed one. Choose which one you enjoy playing the most.

The Windows 10 unique puzzle game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this app you will come across an interface as given in the screenshot below.

The options link lets you turn the music and background sound on or off. You can view your ranking as well as best scorers ranking on the leaderboards. The survival mode is the timed mode. Lets start with the start button which is the relaxed mode of game play. A spirit guide will appear in front of you giving you instructions on how to proceed. Then the level one game will come in front of you. The level 2 game screenshot can be seen below.

You have to match two spirits in a row or column in a way that you can eliminate all the spirits from the board. Remember you can match 2 spirits in a row or column only. You can not match diagonally or in a zig zag manner.

Once you are done eliminating all the spirits, you can move on to the next level from the levels screen which will come up. The levels screen can be seen in the screenshot below.

If you are unable to complete a level, it will restart automatically. If you want the game to be more challenging you can try out the survival mode which is a timed mode. a screenshot of this mode is shown below.

Keep matching the spirits and it will add to your timer. Match as many as you can, to get a high score. The graphics in the game are pretty awesome and the background score is amazing as well.

Features of this Windows 10 unique game app:

  • Challenging puzzle game.
  • Start with matching 2 spirits, and then move on to matching 3, 4, etc.
  • Survival mode is a timed mode to make the game more challenging.
  • View leaderboards.
  • Option to turn off background music.
  • Awesome graphics and background score.
  • 100 levels to play.
  • Simple gameplay.
  • Restart level automatically if the objective is not reached.


Totemo is a fun game app with cute, awesome graphics. The simple game play relaxes your mind and lets you enjoy the game. Just keep matching spirits in the number instructed by the app and keep moving forward. You have 100 levels to play. If you want to really challenge yourself you can try out the game in survival mode where you will be racing against a timer.

Check out Totemo for Windows 10 here.

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