Windows 10 Matching Game App: Crack Attack

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Crack Attack is a free Windows 10 matching game app. You can say that this is a matching game app with a difference, as its not exactly a matching game. In this game you will be given which color eggs you have to match and form a chain. The eggs which you have to match don’t have to be in the same line, you can match eggs even at different corners.

The Windows 10 matching game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. The interface of the app looks like the below screenshot the first time it is started.

crack attack home

The first screen asks you to login using your Facebook account. You can skip this option if you want. After this you come to the level selection screen, which looks like the screenshot below.

crack attack levels

This screen shows the levels and the 5 lives you have. You lose a life every time you are not able to complete a level successfully. Clicking to start a game would bring you to the game screen, which looks like the screenshot below.

crack attack game board

In this game screen there are four eggs shown right at the top of the game board, you have to select the same colored eggs in the same sequence to form a chain. All the eggs which cross through this chain will be eliminated from the board. Longer the chain more points you will get. When you complete a level you will get a screen like the one shown below.

crack attack free creatures from eggs

In this screen you get to click on any three eggs randomly. The eggs can give you extra coins or there might be small creatures trapped in the eggs which you will be able to free when you click on the eggs. After every level you complete you will get a screen like the one above.

The settings option of this game allows you to turn the music on or off, login using Facebook account, see how to play the game guide, etc. Each level you cross unlocks the next one to play. With each new level you also get new goals to achieve.

Features of this Windows 10 matching game app:

  • Eggs matching game app for Windows 10.
  • More than 225 levels to play.
  • Different themes available in the game.
  • Free creatures trapped inside eggs.


Crack Attack is a fun game app for Windows 10. Its not a traditional matching game, but the concept is different with this one. You have to match eggs of the colors which are given to you and form a chain. I enjoyed playing the game a lot and it was quite hard to stop playing it. Do give this game a try.

Check out Crack Attack for Windows 10 here.

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Works With: Windows 10
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