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Uforio is a free web service which can sort all Reddit posts under three categories; links, pictures and videos. The web service will separate each Reddit post according to the content it has. The content sorting is done right on the front page of Reddit. You can also browse subreddits of your choice from the folder icon shown at the top left side of the page.

When you go to Uforio, you will see that the Reddit content has been divided into three columns links, pictures, and videos. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

uforio home

Checking a post under Links column:

uforio links

If you want to read a news under the links column, you will be shown a URL and two options. You can either open the article in the same web page or you can choose to open the article in a new window. This can be seen in the screenshot above. You also get options to favorite or share the post. From the left side links column you can browse other links as well.

Checking a post under pictures column:

uforio pictures

Clicking on a picture in this column will open up the picture as shown in the screenshot above. The right side of the screen will have the picture and left side will have other picture posts which you can browse. The page will also display all the comments added to this picture below it.

Checking a post under video column:

uforio videos

Opening a video post will show you the video which can be played in the same window. Other videos can be browsed through the list given on the left side.

You can use you Reddit account to sign in to the website and in case you do not have one, then you can also create a Uforio account to browse the website. The settings icon lets you play around with a few settings. While the search icon will help you go directly to a subreddit instead of browsing for it. Subreddits can be accessed through the Folder icon given on the top left side of the page. The display settings of subreddits can also be changed from the settings icon.

If you do not like the three column display presented by this website then you can simply switch to a display mode you like. Click the classic button given below the settings icon. This will change the display of posts to classic Reddit style.

You can also check out free desktop clients for Reddit.


Uforio makes Reddit posts quite presentable. The three columns they are divided under is pretty nice and easy to browse. The posts which you have not seen will be highlighted in bold, while the ones which you have seen will be in regular text. Do try out this website to make you Reddit more enjoyable and easy to browse.

Check out Uforio here.

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