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Free Podcast Transcription is a free tool that helps you transcribe your podcasts and publish them in any language you want.

Nowadays, Podcasts have become a very important part of social media. Podcasts can be easily defined as conversations on a particular topic related to anything recorded as an audio or a video (mostly audio). Transcripts of those podcasts can be as important if you are trying to understand the podcast in a much deeper way. Not just that, if you are also a creator and you want to record podcasts and post them, their transcripts should also be generated for a better SEO.

This web application, Free Podcast Transcription can help you transcribe your podcasts for free.

All you need to do is:

You don’t have to sign up here.

  • Select the language in which you want your transcript to be generated.
  • Upload the audio file of the podcast from your local files. If you want the transcript of any other online podcast, you first need to download it in your local files.

  • Select the transcribe option and wait.

In a few minutes, your podcast’s transcript will be ready. It might take a long time depending on the duration of the podcast.

  • Once the transcript is done, click on the edit button to view and edit the transcript. Editing is important because there might be a lot of grammatical errors or translation errors that might change a sentence’s meaning.

That’s it. Your transcript is ready. You also have the option to publish it and copy its link.

Are there any limitations?

There are two limitations that I would like to share about this tool:

  • First of all, you can only upload a local audio file. It can be okay for those who want a transcript of their own recorded podcasts. But those who want to have the transcript of any other published podcasts, need to download its mp3 version onto their devices first.
  • The transcript generated will not be perfect. There might be a lot of errors as it generates according to the audio of the podcast. A little disturbance in the audio of the podcast can cause a change. You need to read it and find the misspelled words or wrong sentences.

Apart from these, there weren’t any other limitations according to me.


To summarize, I would say Free Podcast Transcription can be a really great tool for you if you are into recording podcasts and posting them on different platforms. Transcripts are an important part of your podcasts. This tool helps you transcribe your podcasts by simply uploading the audio file of your podcast and selecting the desired language. The transcript won’t be totally correct and you need to make the changes wherever necessary.

Talking about my personal opinion, yes this is a really useful application for all the podcasters. I listen to a lot of podcasts and I know how having a transcript for it can make a huge impact on the efficiency of SEO.

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