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LeFeed is an intelligent, free feed organizer that helps you to organize feeds of your Facebook friends, and is built to record and learn the things you like while using Facebook. Obviously, you need a Facebook account to use this free tool to organize feeds of Facebook. Once you login to your account using the application it starts to analyze all your interests, interests of your friends and records the usage statistics.

Organize feeds

Registering and Accessing LeFeed to Organize Feeds:

In order to use this free feeds organizer, the only things you need to do is visit the site here and select the option sign in with Facebook. Once you click on it, the application would ask for your login credentials along with the permissions to access the activities of your account. You may select or dis-select the preferred options as per your choice while allowing the software to access your account. As this Facebook news feed organizer is rated among the trusted application, you need not worry at all about the privacy of your account being compromised. If you are interested in checking out some more Facebook tools, then you can try Little Black Book, Facebook Badge, and Chit Chat.

Using LeFeed

You would be asked a few things when you login for the first time which need to be checked or unchecked depending on the level of accessibility you wish to grant this free Facebook friend feeds organizer. This includes recommendations, links, videos, and other activities which you carry out while using your Facebook account. Save the choices you make to proceed which would land you up to a new window where the actual elements of the application are present. It could take a minute or two if you are logging in for the first time to integrate this free Facebook feeds organizer with your account.

Once all is setup and done, the page with options and Facebook updates appears on your screen. Broadly the feeds are categorized under 6 heads, namely:

  • Overview: Gives an overview of the activities on your Facebook wall. It includes the updates from your friends and the pages you like on Facebook. It is pretty similar to the Facebook main Feed screen which appears the moment you login.
  • Recommendation: This tab lists down the shares of your friends as a recommendation to where the application scans for better recommendations at regular intervals.
  • Link: When you are on this tab, you would get the list of latest links submitted, liked, and shared by your friends on their walls.
  • Photo: This tab gives you the updates for the recent pictures uploaded by your friends and the pages liked by you.
  • Status: As the name suggests this tab lists down the latest status changes and activities of your friends, like the likes they do on their account. It also includes the latest comments made by your friends on the walls of different accounts and pages.
  • Video: The last tab in the categories option gives you the updates for the latest uploaded, shared or liked videos by your friends and pages liked by you.

The updates are pretty fast and regular where the security of the user is the prime concern of the application developers. They maintain high security levels and gives you the option to log out as and when desired. Overall, it’s a pretty good application where the feeds have been categorized, thereby helping the users to be updated of specific updates which they would like to. For example: If you only wish to view the status updates of your friends then the Status tab comes in handy.

Therefore, it can be said that this is a pretty effective application for keeping track of your Facebook account and to organize feeds of your Facebook friends. Moreover, being a browser application it is recommended to logout every time the user wishes to exit the computer.

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