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Lockbin is a free online email encryption service for sending private, encrypted email. It is the ideal add-on for sending credit card numbers, telephone numbers and addresses over the Internet. It is also perfect for sending personal email to a loved one far away, as if intercepted; no one would be able to read the encrypted text.

This free online email encryption does not back up email messages on email servers. It will also not store backup files, thus keeping email that you send using Lockbin, completely private and safe. Lockbin’s email encryption technology obscures all messages so that they can not be read, even by Network ‘sniffers’. This free secure program requires no registration and no monies what so ever.

How to Use Lockin Email Encryption Software:

After setting up the program, create a password and deliver this password to people that you will be sharing sensitive information with. (It is important to note that sending this password via email is not advised and should only be done as a lost resort; use the telephone, skype, or a text). With your friend or friends knowing your password they will be able to unlock the encryption and read your mail. When a message is retrieved, all data is erased from Lockbin’s database. Uncollected mail is held for six months before been destroyed.


As all messages are encrypted, Lockbin free online email encryption also has no way of opening the encryption and therefore should you lose you password, Lockbin staff will not be able to assist you. NB: Keep your password safe.

If you are concerned as to whether Lockbin online email encryption is safe, the designers and engineers of this free program say it is safer than a lot of other programs available, but nothing is 100% fool proof. The AES-256 encryption software used, however, is very sophisticated and it would probably take an untrained person about 20 years to crack the code; a trained person 19 years. If your password is compromised, then there is a chance your mail would be hi-jacked.

Also check out other free email encryption software, like, Trend Micro Email Encryption, and Comodo Secure Email Encryption.

If you are a business person or someone that values privacy more than anything when sending mail, free Lockbin is what you need to ensure your secrets are safe.

Try Lockbin free.

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