How to Find Oldest Search Results for a Domain or Keyword

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This is a quick tutorial to explain how to find the oldest search results for a domain or a keyword. is a free website which you can use to do it. Think of it as a Google alternative to find old results. It has a search box and classic interface where you can just enter a query or keyword and it will show you the oldest matching results for that. can even show image results and then you can analyze them. You can further sort the search results that it produces, but that is still in development. And in the future updates there might be more filtering options.

You can search for old results on Google but you have to specify the date ranges. So, you have to guess the age of a search result and then use Google to make a search query to find it. That is not the case with Whatever search query you enter, it will always find the oldest search results for it.

How to Find Oldest Search Results for a Domain or Keyword?

For now, there is no sign up or registration required in order to use Just go to its homepage, which looks like this. It has the legendary Bliss wallpaper of Windows XP there, which is kind of nostalgic for a lot of old computer users. Main UI

Now, you just enter a search term and then it will bring up the search results for you. Here you will notice the oldest search results is displayed on the top. The rest of the search results are sorted based on the date as well. And here you can search for anything and it will show you the oldest search results. in action

Whenever you need to find some search results for a given topic, then you can know where to turn to. Just use this simple website, and it will not disappoint you. What’s even more amazing is that it shows image results as well.

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If you like trying cool website, then you will like for its uniqueness and functionality. If you are curious to know what was is the oldest page of website or blog on the internet, then just use this website and see the magic for yourself.

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