Free 1:1 Tutoring for High School Students: UPchieve

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UPchieve is a new platform that offers free 1:1 tutoring for high school students. UPchieve offers online tutoring for Math, Science, and College Counseling. It has chat rooms where you can pick a subject and select the topic on which you seek counseling. Then you wait in the chat room for a tutor to join. This usually takes 5-10 minutes. This way, you can get 1:1 tutoring via chat and take notes alongside.

UPchieve is an ed-tech non-profit that is designed to help low-income students to get tutoring online through web and mobile apps. You can join as an individual to get online tutoring or you can volunteer as an academic coach for tutoring. Schools and companies can also join to contribute as partners.

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Free 1:1 Tutoring for High School Students: UPchieve

To get started with UPchieve, you have to create an account first. As I stated before, you can join as an individual to get tutoring or volunteer as a coach. Here I’m focusing on what it offers for the students who join as an individual.

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To join as an individual, the first you have to do is check your eligibility. This depends on the area your live in and in which school you go to. To check that, you have to search and select your school along with your area ZIP code and your email address. You can proceed further only when you are eligible.

free online tutor for high school students

If you are eligible, then you can go ahead and create an account. After that, you can just log into your account from anywhere to get 1:1 online tutoring. The homepage of UPchieve has three main sections, Dashboard, Profile, and Refer Friends. Referring friends give them some waiting time relaxation and earn your rewards.

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From the Dashboard, you get requests for online tutoring. Currently, it offers Math Tutoring, Science Tutoring, and College Counselling. Depending on what you are looking for, you can pick a subject under any of these offerings and start a chat.

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Before taking you to the chat, it asks you a couple of questions to get a clear idea of what you are looking for. This includes your primary goal for the session and how much you already know about the respective topic.

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After that, it takes you to the chat screen where you have to wait for a tutor to join. This screen has a text editor alongside the chat. This text editor can be helpful in cases when you have to take notes or share something. This is how you can get 1:1 online tutoring with UPchieve.

Closing Words

UPchieve is offering a noble service to help out high school students with their problems, doubts, and lack of knowledge on a topic. The subject offering is quite limited at the time but it can gradually expand with time. It all depends on how many people would like to volunteer as coaches and Would UPcheive be able to keep the waiting time reasonable.

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