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Here comes an interesting and free online text editor, known as “Clext“. Instead of writing in a single window, you can write text in boxes and each box represents a paragraph. As soon as you press ‘Enter’ the current box moves up and a new box is presented to you for writing. Your text is also saved automatically. So, even if browser or tab is closed accidentally, you can get back the text just by opening the website homepage. Moreover, all your text can also be downloaded as a single text file in a click.

The fun part comes with its animated background. Bubbles float in the background and background color also changes automatically. As you type fast, floating speed of bubbles increases. Moreover, its background color changes based on the emotions you have entered in the box. For example, if you are typing some sad quote or paragraph, it will change the color from purple to red. The color changes from green to blue when you are writing some joyful text. So this is something unique, not available in other text editors, and good for story writers for better concentration.

free online text editor

Using This Free Online Text Editor:

This is easy to use text editor. Open its homepage and you will see some demo related to the use and purpose of this website.

To start writing, all you need to do is press Enter. A blank box will be in front of you. Type in the box and bubbles will float in the background and background color will also change.

press enter and start writing

To change the box or create a new paragraph, just press Enter.

When you are done with writing, you can scroll up to see all the boxes. You can also use Raw text option to see all the text in a single box. Finally, you can export or save all your text using Download option.

The Verdict:

One thing is pretty clear that it is not an advanced text editor, but using this text editor is really interesting. It can’t replace your existing text editor, but it is good to try.

Try it.

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