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The Artist Union is a free online application for musical artists to promote SoundCloud tracks and improve fanbase. You can create download gates for your SoundCloud tracks so that others have to follow and favorite them or send a donation for you. Using this platform, you can easily expand your SoundCloud followers and let them download your tracks in exchange for promoting your music. Along with SoundCloud, you can also import your music from Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

It lets you customize your fan actions, which means you can assign different actions like follow, favorite, donate, re-post, etc. to your fans in order to download your tracks. You don’t have to upload your music again and again or change metadata regularly, as you can use this application to enable unlimited “download gates” for your audience. One of the best new features is that you can create music videos with your tracks and share them via Facebook and YouTube.

The below image shows the download gates created with SoundCloud tracks.

main screenshot

Note: When you ask the audience for donation, the minimum payout must be $20. There will be two different charges levied like payment processing fee and money transfer fee.

How to Expand SoundCloud Audience by Creating Download Gates:

Visit the homepage of this application and feed your SoundCloud credentials to sign up for the first time.

Step 1: After sign in, simply go to the dashboard and select the “Download Gates” option to create a new download gate. It will ask to choose among your SoundCloud tracks and create download gates for them. From the below screenshot, you can understand how to create “download gates”.

download gates

Step 2: After that, you can browse those download gates and enable different actions for fans like follow, re-post, donate, favorite, comment, etc. It also lets you create a simple text link, Facebook URL, Spotify URL, etc. for the “download gates” and share them with your audience. If you wish to create a music video using your tracks, then browse the download gates and click the “Create a music video” option.

assign actions

Step 3: Click the “Stats” option on the left to view overall and individual track statistics. The statistics show the number of downloads, follows, re-posts, favorites, music videos, download gates, etc. The below image shows the statistics of my tracks.


Step 4: If you wish to see the SoundCloud powerscore, then simply select the “Powerscore” option at the top. You can view and share your SoundCloud powerscore and also improve your influence over your audience. It also shows your general statistics like the number of followers, tracks, plays, favorites, inner circle members, etc.


My Final Verdict:

The Artist Union is quite an amazing platform to increase and improve your SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube audience absolutely free. Along with that, if you’re a true musical artist then you can assign donation to fans if they wish to download your tracks. Personally, I like this application as I can easily expand my SoundCloud fanbase from one location.

Try this online application from the link here.

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