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ContentDetector.AI is a website that enables you to check if any text material is Human Written on AI Generated. It is a very helpful tool for marketers, academicians, media publications, bloggers and more provides high accuracy with ChatGTP, GPT 3 / 4 written content, Jasper AI as well as Bard generated text. The result is an approximate percentage score that is based on the probability that the text was generated by AI applications or tools.

ContentDetector.AI is totally free with a very simple interface that makes it very easy to input the text that you wish to analyze and get immediate results. The detector has been thoroughly trained on a lot of datasets and due to this it offers very good accuracy levels of up to 95%. The rule or principle of detection based on the Probability Percentage is as follows:

  • Above 76: Likely AI
  • Between 60 & 75: May have AI
  • Between 50 & 60: Likely Human
  • Below 50: Entirely Human

The tool also highlights the sentences or paragraphs of text that look like AI generated apart from the results for your indication.


1. Click on this link to navigate to ContentDetector.AI. No registration or login is required to use this product and it offers unlimited text analysis.

2. Type or Paste the text that you wish to analyze and click on the corresponding button at the bottom right of the text box. It is advisable that you paste more than 250 words to get a better accuracy.

Paste text

3. Wait for some time while ContentDetector examines the text and displays the results towards the right of the page.

4. The results give you a Percentage Reading of ‘How artificial is your content’. Apart from this, the sentences that appear AI generated are highlighted for reference so that you can modify them accordingly if required if you intend to use them in your article or blog.

Entirely AI

Entirely Human

Closing Comments:

ContentDetector is a very helpful website to learn if any text is AI Generated or written by Humans. It offers very good accuracy levels of up to 95% for both ChatGPT texts as well as that generated by Bard. One must remember that no AI Detector is 100% accurate and you must use your own intelligence and logic before taking a final decision.

Click here to navigate to ContentDetector.AI. Click on this link for another tool named, Crossplag AI Content Detector that enables you to instantly detect AI-generated content with a rating score bar.

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