Free tool for Detecting Writing Created by AI: Crossplag AI Content Detector

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Crossplag AI Content Detector is a free website that enables you to instantly detect AI-generated content with a precise rating score bar. The detector has been trained to accurately predict the origin of the text in question by using natural language analysing techniques coupled with powerful machine learning algorithms. AI Content detector relies on a vast dataset of AI and human-written content and identifies the patterns and characteristics of every form of writing to that it can be detected with great accuracy.

Teachers and Educators nowadays, are increasingly and justifiably worried about the potential of AI to help students automatically generate Essays, solve Assignments, Formulaic papers and more and worse, help students in unethical practices. Simply put, AI-generated content has begun to pose a big threat to academic integrity and may change the present system of education as we have known it.

Conventional cheating often involves plagiarizing the content for essays and assignments from other works and research papers. This practice can easily be caught and curbed by using powerful plagiarism checkers. But AI generated content, especially from tools like ChatGPT cannot be spotted easily, as the information is taken from several locations across the internet to produce answers, that cannot be attributed to a single source. Due to this, plagiarism checkers will not be able to recognize it easily. This is what has spooked the educators with apprehensions that students will now easily get away with unethical practices destroying the very fabric of education that always awards original and creative work.

This is the reason behind the development of AI Detector which is to flag AI generated content and thereby ensuring the genuineness and legitimacy of one’s work.

How it Works:

1. Click on the link that we have provided at the end of this article to navigate to AI Detector.

2. Type or Paste the content that you wish to analyse and click on the ‘Check’ button. Make sure that your text is at least 200 characters long as the performance of the detector is better when the volume is the text is large.

Type or Paste text

3. Wait form some time as AI Detector processes the text that you input and identifies its genuineness.

4. At the end of the above step, AI Content Detector will give your text a precise rating. This score gives you an idea of how much of the text is AI generated and how much of it is written by humans.

Example 1
AI generated content
Example 2
Human written content

Closing Thoughts:

ChatGPT and other AI content generation applications may be able to provide easy answers to many questions but they do not help to build and develop skills like critical thinking and problem-solving that are considered to be extremely crucial for academic accomplishments. Teachers and Educators have a great responsibility over here to spot AI generated content and prohibit it while encouraging students to always write original content.

In tis context, AI Detector can prove to be a great tool as it easily and quickly identifies, and flags AI generated content using powerful machine learning algorithms and language processing methods.

Click here to navigate to Crossplag AI Content Detector

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