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FlixTime is a free video generating application that lets you create stunning 60 second videos from your own images, music as well as your own videos. Indeed with this video creating software, you can create a spectacular one-minute montage.  FlixTime is an online application, and you do not need to download or install anything to use it.

FlixTime was introduced back in February 2010 and since then has continued to attract new users everyday. The creators of this software have designed the program for all to use; from the experienced video maker to the inexperienced computer user, all are able to create magic with FlixTime.

FlixTime is the ideal video creation software for business people who want to, for example, send video advertisements of their company’s product; it is the prefect tool for people to send vacation videos to family members in other countries and it is the perfect media creating software for students writing thesis’s, reports or involved in projects.



One of the best features of this application is the fact that you have the choice of either uploading your own media files or selecting media from the program’s large “media lounge”. Having this option is ideal for those who do not have a large selection of media files on their computer. FlixTime has a very easily navigated interface and uses common sense language, which is neither confusing nor misleading.

How to Create Videos with FlixTime:

After creating a free account with Flixtime, you can soon create your own video. First you need to enter a name and description of the visual media you are about to create. Follow this by choosing the type of format you wish to use; the most popular formats are listed and include MP4, Divx, H264, FLY, and MP4 iPod.

When choosing the video speed, it is recommended to choose a slow speed so that those viewing the video will have time to take in the images. Once you have chosen a format, choose a cover image, that will be used to represent the video.

You are able to use your own media files or select an image or photo from the aforementioned “media lounge”. Once you have selected the cover image, click on the ‘upload’ button; uploading speed depends on the size of the image even if you have a fast internet connection, the upload may be slow.

Music files may also be either your personal files or again selected from the “media lounge”. With your photos, music and other media finalized, simply click on the “Render Video” button and within a few minutes, your new video media will automatically play. FlixTime allows you to edit or remix the video prior to releasing it as a finished product.

Once you are satisfied with your creation, you are able to share it via email, uploaded it to a social network (Facebook or Twitter), upload it to a blog or YouTube; create a html code and finally, download it to your computer. The

Following are some features that this amazing video creator software has to offer:

  • It is completely free.
  • All your video creations may be shared, uploaded or downloaded.
  • The program is compatible with multiple video formats, including those listed above.
  • Automatic transitions are available.
  • Free images and music available from the “media lounge” option.
  • The software supports several image, video and audio formats available on the internet today.

Create a 60 seconds video free with FlixTime.

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