Create Learning Cards With Quiz For Employees, Students

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Let me introduce you to this pretty interesting tool that lets you create learning cards with quiz, talentcards. It can come in handy to conduct timely quiz for employees or students. It has a web based admin panel and quiz can be taken from iOS and Android mobile devices.

You can create card sets with multiple cards, and associate multiple choice questions with the cards. You can customize these cards with text, background, video, audio, and hyperlink. After you have created your card set, you can ask employees or students to take the quiz through learning cards. To access learning cards and quiz, employees or students will need to download the talentcards app on their iOS and Android device from the respective stores. Based on the questions answered correctly, result is displayed. You can access the Dashboard from admin panel to view user activity and app activity. This gives you access to user scores.

Let us explore talentcards and see what all this tool with learning cards with quiz for students and employees have to offer.

How To Setup Learning Cards With Quiz For Employees, Students

Well, this is the first and most important part of setting up learning cards on talentcards. You can only do this from the web based admin panel. You will have to Sign Up in order to create learning cards. Creating learning cards can be pretty extensive. What you gotta do here is create a set of learning cards, which is known asĀ Card Set. It totally depends on you how many cards you want to add in a Card set. For your reference, 3 sample card sets are already available as you start.

You can checkout these card sets to see how to create your own card set. When done checking out, simply click on Create Set button to make your own cards and add questions to them.

The first step to create a card set is to add its details. Here, you can add card set’s name, description, and picture. You can also make the cards in set to be single sided and make set visible to public.

Now, by clicking on Add Card option, you can create a card. On the card, you can add text, background, video, audio, and URL. You can also flip the card and add content using the options available. Once a card is created, you can click on Add Test option to add quiz questions.

Under a test, you can add multiple questions. For a question, you can add multiple options, and select the correct option. You can also add passing percentage of test by editing a test.

Preparing For App Based Quiz For Employees and Students

After adding cards and questions, you can return back to the Dashboard. Now the next step is to tell users to take the quiz.

Well, you are provided with a Code as you sign up to this tool. In case you didn’t note down the code, you can always get the code manually.

Go to the App Control page from the panel at top of the tool. There click on the Experience The App button. A pop up will appear, from where you can get the code which you have to use. You can give the code to users to take quiz.

How To Take Quiz From Talentcards Phone App

Well, you can get talentcards app for iPhones and Android phones from Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

After you install the app, the first thing to do is enter the code provided. After that, all the card sets will be displayed that are available in your account. The user can select a card set to view and take the quiz.

Below is the screenshot of how you see the cards on app. After viewing cards, one can take test.

The user has the simply select the correct answer and move on to next questions. At the end of the quiz, you can view the final result percentage.

That’s it. This is how this tool with learning cards with quiz for employees and students works. To review the answers recorded, admin can get back to the web based admin panel. On the Dashboard, you can view all the user activities.

Additional Feature Of This Learning Cards Tool With Quiz

If you want, you can customize the overall color theme of mobile app from web based admin panel. You can do this from the App Control page.

As, you can see, you can change app color theme, add your company’s logo, and set other quiz criteria. Isn’t it cool?


The free version of talentcards allows only up to 5 users. There are no restrictions on the features. So, you want more than 5 users to take quiz, you must opt for paid plans. Click here to view the paid plans.

Wrapping Up

talentcards is an excellent tool for companies and schools. Learning cards with quiz for employees and students provide many customization options to create quiz. Only if it offered more free user count than 5, it would have been a hot among many organizations.

Explore Talentcards here.

Get Talentcards Android app here.

Get Talentcards iOS app here.

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