How to get Old TweetDeck Back without X Pro Subscription?

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TweetDeck (presently X Pro) is a social media dashboard that enables you to easily access and manage your Twitter accounts. Originally, it was an independent app that was successfully acquired by Twitter (rebranded to X) and integrated into the application interface.

TweetDeck provides an intuitive and better Twitter experience by allowing you to view several timelines in a single interface.

In July 2023, X said that X Pro would soon become a paid subscription service and the move was supposed to take place in 30 days. The company slightly missed the deadline but remained firm on its decision. On August 16th, 2023, X Pro (formerly TweetDeck) finally unveiled its subscription plan and access to it is now fee-based.

TweetDeck was a very popular and potent tool among journalists, marketers, and others who used Twitter for work as they could manage multiple customized feeds through different columns in a one interface. But as it has now become a paid service platform and the people who extensively used it are hunting for free alternatives.

In this article we will be exploring OldTweetDeck, a free Extension for Chrome / Edge or any other Chromium browser that does exactly what is mentioned in its name. It returns your old TweetDeck for free. There is no direct method to install OldTweetDeck extension. You must download it from GitHub and load it as an unpacked extension.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to the GitHub repository of OldTweetDeck.

2. Click on the green-colored ‘Code’ button and download the code as a ZIP file by clicking on the ‘Download ZIP’ option. Unzip the file in a specific folder in your system.

Download Repo

3. Now, click on the extension icon, ahead of the Chrome address bar and choose ‘Manage extensions’.

4. Click on the button ‘Load unpacked’ at the top left of the page, choose the directory ‘OldTweetDeck-main’ in the folder that you specified in Step 2 above and then click on the ‘Select Folder’ button at the bottom right of the popup window to load the extension.

Load unpacked

5. Now, navigate to TweetDeck by clicking on this link and you will easily get the Old TweetDeck back free of cost. You can continue using it as before.



This extension may most-likely stop working soon. But until then, you can continue to use it without any charge. The extension uses files that have been hosted on the developers’ server. Technically, this gives them access to add anything to the TweetDeck code although they have clearly mentioned that they aren’t interested in doing anything malicious. Users are therefore advised to use OldTweetDeck at their own risk.

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