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Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

Refynr or“refiner” is a free web-based client that allows you to filter your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Using this feed filtering tool, you are able to avoid all the miscellaneous and uninteresting clutter that presents itself on your Facebook or Twitter feed continuously. Commonly there are filters for either Facebook or Twitter, Refynr, however is able to function on both social networking systems. This useful filtering client is able to be used on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and most mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and so forth.

Refynr is currently in private beta, and there is no word around when it will open for general users.



How to Use Refynr:

Setting up your own personal filter system is quite easy. First of all create a name for your filtering list. Follow this by entering the inclusions and exclusions; you may have a maximum of 20 inclusions and a maximum of 10 exclusions. Inclusions and exclusions are words, hash-tags, users, etc that you wish to include or exclude from your Facebook or Twitter feed. You also have the option of excluding some of the more popular annoyances that seem to be forever interrupting your Facebook or Twitter activities.

In the “Refined Stream” window you are able to observe all posts that match your filters; these posts are displayed in real-time at the top of your screen. At the bottom of the screen past posts are displayed as merely a reference. In the “Account Settings” window, you are able to choose whether to receive email notifications about new content or not – taking advantage of this option keeps you in the loop.

It is not possible to update your Facebook status within this social network filtering application; however, you are able to post tweets on Twitter. If you wish to “tweet”, you’ll again be directed to another page where you may update your status or  enter a URL.

Refynr has a series of other features designed to make your Facebook and Twitter activities a lot easier. These include the options of, for example, being able to view all content or only DMs. You are also able to make use of the toolbar to filter other content that may not be in your filtering list. The toolbar also lets you search or view your Facebook and twitter streams easily.

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