Free Public Holiday API to Look for Holidays of any Country

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Calendarific provides a free public holiday API to look for holidays of any country. They have holiday database of almost all the countries of the world and you can access that by making simple API calls. It returns the JSON data in response and you are free to use that anywhere you want. You can easily implement this API in your mobile and desktop apps with ease and do what you like. In the JSON data that it returns, you can see list of national and public holidays with details like name, date, description, type, etc. Also, the API request can be made from the browser.

If you need holiday data for any country then you can rely on the API have mentioned here. Here you just have to make a call with the country name code and get the data. The JSON data that it returns can be parsed in any language and then you can use that. Also, with some online tools, you can convert the JSON data to other formats such as CSV, XML, etc. However, this API is not entirely free. The free version of Calendarific allows you to make 1000 requests per month only. If you need more then you can always switch to the paid plan if you want to.

Public Holiday API to Look for Holidays of any Country

Using this Free Public Holiday API to Look for Holidays of any Country:

Using this API is very simple and you only have to get the API key in order to make API calls. And you can get a free API key by registering a free account on the main website from here. After you verify your email, you can log in and reach the main dashboard where you will see the generated API key that you can copy. Next, you can turn to the API docs page and see the syntax of making the API calls. On the API documentation page, there are some code examples for various programming languages as well that you will like.

Calendrific dashboard

After you have copied the API key, you can start using it. You can make the API call directly in the browser or you can use some HTTP clients such as cURL to do the same. The syntax for making the API call is shown below.'

Calendrific in action

In the above screenshot, you can see how this API works. See the JSON response it produces that you can use anywhere you like with ease. Also, you can make such calls in the free plan 1000 times a month. For now there are about 200 countries supported and the data is being maintained.

Closing thoughts

Calendarific provides you a very nice, simple and powerful holidays API that you can use. This can be easily used in the desktop or mobile application that deal with the holidays data. The JSON response is nested and all you have to do is just create a free account and get started. Here you also have to keep the limit of free plan in mind. So, use it wisely and you can tell me what you think about it in the comments.

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