Refactor Code using AI for Better Readability with this Free Tool

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Refactory is a free tool for refactoring code written in almost any programming language. It takes an existing code snippets from you and refactors it based on your needs. There are ready made tags to improve/refactor the code, but you can also specify custom instructions depending on your needs. It uses OpenAI API to refactor code and there’s no sign up or registering is required to use it.

In programming and software development, code refactoring refers to a method to optimize the existing code by enhancing it’s syntax without changing its function. Usually it is done manually but that takes so much time. To speed up the process, you can take help of AI and the Refactory tool here does exactly the same thing.

Refactor Code using AI for Free

Using Refactory to Refactor Code using AI for Better Readability:

Start by using the main Refactory website. Since there is no sign up or registration, just start using it by supplying your OpenAI API key. The key is stored locally in the browser storage.

Insert your API Key Refactory

Now, you need to select programming from the list and enter the code you want to factor accordingly. There are some tags in the sidebar that you have to choose to tell it how you want the code to be refactored. Apart from existing tags, you can also specify a text prompt.

Refactory Select Programming Language

Finally, submit the code and wait for the results. It will take some time and then it will generate the precised and refactored code that you use right into production. You can see the output below that it generated in my case.

Refactored Code

In this way, you can easily refactor any piece of code using AI. Here I have used a simple JavaScript example but you can also specify q complex piece of code and it will take care of it easily.

Closing thoughts:

AI can already write good code for most problems and scenario. And now it can also refactor existing code as well. I am really amazed by this Refactory website and the way it works to help you fix any piece of code. A very special use case of this tool is in upgrading from older coding syntax to new syntax.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 4]

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