Puzzle Game For iPhone To Solve Criminal Cases: Mystery Crimes

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Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes is a free puzzle game for iPhone in which you have to play as a detective to solve the cases. As a detective, you have to visit crime sites and search for clues. The clues can be anything like an umbrella, laptop, a crushed paper, shoes etc. You have to observe the sites closely. When you have discovered the clue, then you can get it examined by forensic experts, hackers and other experts to know every detail about them. Based on the clues, you can interrogate the suspects in order to solve the case. The cases that you have to solve can be related to anything like murder, robbery, theft etc.

Mystery Crimes

Key Features Of This Puzzle Game:

  • Free to download and use.
  • Play as detective and solve puzzled cases.
  • Total of 6 cases to solve.
  • Search for hidden clues by visiting crime sites.
  • Explore the clues by using hackers and forensic experts.
  • Interrogate the suspicious person.
  • Solve murder, robbery and other criminal cases.
  • Compete against your Facebook friends.

Game Play Of This Puzzle Game:

You can download this puzzle game by searching for its name on itunes Store or by clicking on the link below. Tap on the icon to launch the game. You can link your Facebook account with the game which makes it more interesting. You can compete against your friends and check live updates about the leaderboard. In the main game play, you have to choose your avatar. You can choose to play as a female detective or as a male detective. Select the avatar and get ready for solving some of the most mysterious cases of the city.

The game starts with a storyline which tells you about the case that you are going to solve. In beginning, you have 160 points which represents your energy level. Whenever you visit a site to search for clues, you lose 30 power points. You have to tap on the crimes site icon to visit it. After entering the site, your task is to search for the items which are shown at the bottom of the screen. There is also an option for the hint which you can use if you are finding it difficult to search for any item. The icon is present at left side of the screen as shown in screenshot posted below. When you finish searching for clues, you receive points depending upon the time taken by you to search for the items and clues. The clue can be any one of the items searched by you.

Puzzle Game Sites

After finding the clues, your task is to analyze them. You can take help of forensic experts, hackers etc. to get detailed information about them. Depending upon the analysis report, you have to interrogate the suspects. While analyzing some of the clues, you have to wait for sometime. This time can vary between 30 minutes to 120 minutes. If you don’t like waiting, then you can speed up the analyzing process by using the Gems. The Gems are shown at top of the screen adjacent to energy level bar. Once you finish your Gems, then you can buy them via in-app purchase. You can also use these Gems to increase your energy level.

Mystery Crimes Score

You have to interrogate crime suspects and investigate crime scenes till the time whole case is solved. When you have solved the case, you unlock the next case. There are a total of 6 cases which you have to solve to finish the game.

Final Verdict:

I found Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes to be very interesting game. It surely gives you a feeling of being a detective. The cases are well designed so that you have to use your brain and memory power to solve them. The storyline told during the case is also engaging which keeps you bounded with the case. If you are a James Bond or Sherlock Homes fan, then you should give it a try to know how it feels to solve a crime mystery.

Get the Hidden Objects: Mystery Crimes from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Free/Paid: Free

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