Free iPhone Snowboarding Game: Fresh Tracks Snowboarding

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Fresh Tracks Snowboarding is a free iPhone snowboarding game with 3D graphics and physics simulation. The game consists of various snowboarding competitions and events from 6 different parts of the world. Your aim is to win these competitions and events to become the new snowboarding sensation. These competitions vary in their objectives, like in some of them, you need to reach the finish line first while in some you are required to collect maximum number of points by doing flips and stunts while snowboarding. Each of the competition consists of 6 opponents, and you need to be in top 3 to win a medal.

It is lot of fun to play this snowboarding game. You move your snowboarder by tilting your phone, and you perform stunts by swiping finger across the screen.

Fresh Tracks Snowboarding Gameplay

This snowboarding game for iPhone also has practice mode so that you can prepare yourself for the competitions in advance and thus win them. You can choose from different avatars and snowboards for playing this snowboarding game. The game offers really cool tracks full of turns, slopes and mountains which makes it total fun and entertainment to play the game. The game maintains an overall leaderboard from where you can track your progress in tournament and events easily. The game also lets you view your Career Statistics so that you can check how well are you playing the game.

Fresh Tracks Snowboarding

Gameplay of this iPhone Snowboarding Game:

Fresh Tracks Snowboarding has a simple gameplay. In this game, you start as a Junior player and you have to win different tournaments and events in your journey to become the next big thing in the world of Snowboarding. There are following levels of tournaments: Junior Tour, Amateur Tour, Pro Tour, and Prestige Tour.

On the launch of the game, you are required to select an avatar and give it a name. The name selected by you is used to represent you in the game in each of the tournament and event that you will play. After this, you will see the main home screen of the game.

Selecting Avatar

Here, you can see the following options: Current Tournament, Leaderboard Rank, Practice Track, Career Statistics, and My Profile.

  • Current Tournament: You can see the name of the current ongoing tournament from here. Tap on it whenever you would like to participate in it.
  • Leaderboard Rank: Here you will see your current rank in the tournament. Tap on it to view your overall rank in the competition. You can also see the leaderboard of other tournaments from here.


  • Practice Track: Whenever you feel that you need to do practice to perform better, tap here. You can practice on any of the following tracks: USA, Japan, Switzerland, Chile, Canada, and New Zealand. The first three tracks are free for practicing, while latter three require you to pay 1, 2, and 3 coins respectively. You can collect coins by doing stunts while snowboarding or by winning tournaments.

    Practice Tracks

  • Career Statistics:  This option displays your best performances across all the 6 tracks with Personal Record and World Record. The stats are displayed for following 3 categories: Fastest Race Times, Highest Freestyle Points, Fastest Track Race Times. Apart from this, you can also check your Favorite Board, Total Points Earned, Maximum Speed Attained, Total Boards Purchased, Favorite Trick, Total Coins Earned and Total Coins Spend.

    Career Statistics

  • My Profile: This option lets you adjust Game Settings, Audio Settings, View Achievements/Trick List etc.

Controls of this iPhone Snowboarding Game:

The controls of this game are very easy to understand and master. While playing any tournament, you will find four options on the screen with two each on both sides. The controls on the left side are for making your player jump and to apply the brake, while the controls on the right are for accelerating. To guide your player to move on the track, you need to tilt your iPhone. Similarly, you can perform various tricks and stunts by swiping your finger on the screen in different directions. Following this control, try to achieve the target set before you for winning the tournament and proceed in the game.

Game Controls

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Final Verdict:

Fresh Tracks Snowboarding is a very good iPhone snowboarding game. The game works smoothly without any lags. It also has good graphics and music, which keep you engaged for a long time. This app is surely worth a try, especially if you like snowboarding.

Get Fresh Tracks Snowboarding  here.

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