5 Free iPhone Apps To Get More Instagram Followers

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Here is a list of 5 free iPhone apps to get more Instagram followers for your Instagram account.

As we all know that Instagram is one of the most widely used image sharing social networking website in the World. The website is so popular that in current time, most of the people post photos of almost everything on Instagram be it their selfie, any celebration, some new experience or even private moments. Some people post just for fun while most of the users share the photos to get followers and likes on their photos. But its not that easy to get followers on Instagram unless you are a well known name or an awesome photographer. So to help you get more followers on Instagram, I am presenting you with these 5 free iPhone apps which will help you get followers in a matter of few minutes.

1. Instaliker:


Instaliker is the first iPhone app to get more Instagram followers in this list. This app helps you in getting more followers as well as likes on photos shared by you. The concept of the app is simple that it shows other Instagram users for following. You gets coins in exchange of following the users. When you have collected considerable amount of coins, then you can get followers depending upon the number of coins collected by you. But don’t get too happy as there is a certain limit on the number of photos you can like and users you can follow in quick succession. If you ever go past the limit, then you need to wait for 20 seconds for continuing.

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Get Instaliker here.

2. follow4follow:


The second app follow4follow works on the basic principle of exchanging things. In this app, you need to follow the other Instagram users, in return of this other Instagram users will follow you. This app also offers you 1 coin for each follower that you will follow but its not necessary to have any minimum amount of coins to get the followers. Instead, you will lose 2 coins if you unfollow any user after following him. Besides this, you can also use the collected amount of coins to promote your profile on the app but you need to have at least 60 coins to start the promotion. The promotion of profile helps you in getting more followers in shorter time.

Get follow4follow here.

3. Followers for Instagram:

 Followers for Instagram

Followers for Instagram app helps you to get more followers as well as displays the statistics for your Instagram profile. To get followers via this app, you first need to collect the coins. You can get 1 coin for following each single user. The app has following criteria for getting followers:

  • 200 coins (50-100 followers)
  • 2000 coins (200-600 followers)
  • 6000 coins (500-1500 followers)
  • 20000 coins (1000-3000 followers)

One more thing that the app also deducts 2 coins for each user unfollowed by within few days of following him via this app. If I talk about the profile stats, then you can check following stats through this app: Zoombie followers, Best followers, Worst Followers, Secret Admirers, Popular Posts, Nearby users, etc. You can also use multiple Instagram accounts within this app.

Get Followers for Instagram here.

4. Get Followers By NoApostroph3s:

Get Followers By NoApostroph3s

If you are thinking that its quite hard to earn coins using any of the above mentioned apps, then Get Followers By NoApostroph3s will be the perfect for you. This app offers you 4 coins for following each Instagram user suggested by this app. But there is a twist that this app doesn’t take any guarantee that you will get the followers. According to developers, they simply promote your profile via their app and it totally depend on other users to follow you or not. Due to this reason, they also don’t deduct any coins for unfollowing any user instead it deducts 4 coins for each follower you get.

Get Get Followers here.

5. Get Followers By Aake Gregertsen:

Get Followers By Aake Gregertsen

The last app in the list is Get Followers By Aake Gregertsen. This app also offers 1 coin for following other users but deducts 2 coins only if you unfollow other user within 1st week of following. Besides this, app deducts 2 coins for getting 1 follower but you should have a minimum of 10 coins in your account.

Get Get Followers By Aake Gregertsen here.

Since, you have read about these 5 free iPhone apps to get more Instagram followers. So, its time to install the app which you liked the most and get some followers to flaunt. Don’t forget to mention the name of the app which you liked the most.

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