3 Prenatal Workout Plan Websites for Exercises During Pregnancy

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A very important aspect of being healthy is exercising. During pregnancy the female body experiences so many dramatic changes, which are obviously not permanent, but can be kept in check with regular exercises. Pregnancy time requires a carefully designed prenatal workout plan. This plan may vary from individual to individual. Prenatal workout plan can benefit you in many ways during pregnancy.

Each individual is different and so is there need to exercise. But keeping a healthy regime all through your pregnancy can help your immensely during delivery time. One important part of keeping healthy is exercising.

Whether you decide to workout or not, do make sure to consult your physician before starting any workout plans. Let’s look at these prenatal workout plan websites for exercises during pregnancy below.


Parents.com is a nice website for parents and parents to be. The website covers a lot of topics on parenting, pregnancy, baby names, health, food, etc. They also have a dedicated section for pregnancy fitness. There are a wide variety of exercise related topics which are covered in this section. You will find workout plans like best 10 minute workout according to which trimester you are in, prenatal yoga workout, first trimester workouts, second trimester workouts, third trimester workouts, benefits of walking, easy beginner exercises, etc. You can go through these topics, and see which one suits you. Do consult your doctor before starting these exercises.


FittaMamma offers you lots of exercise options. The website has an entire section dedicated to pregnancy workouts, as can be seen in the screenshot above. The workouts offered by the website can be performed at anytime during your pregnancy. The workouts are simple and you can find exercises for various body parts. The workouts that you will see on this website are exercise warm ups, first trimester workouts, pregnancy cardio, arms & shoulders exercises, core & back exercises, etc. There are also trimester wise quick workout plans that you will find on this page. Each workout title has a read more link under it. This read more link opens up the detailed workout plan with exercises to be performed listed in it. The details also show how many sets, or repetitions you have to do for each exercise.

Nourish Move Love

Nourish Move Love has a nice set of workout videos which are designed for pregnancy. You can check them out from the link given. The title of all the videos is clickable. Click the video title to find out a detailed description of the video along with photos and the video itself. Some videos that you will find on this website are beginner barre prenatal workout, cardio prenatal workout, 10 minute body weight workout, prenatal yoga flow, etc.

Two bonus mentions are sarahfit and diaryofafitmommy. These two are personal blogs of mothers who have gone through pregnancy while exercising all the way through. Both the blogs have videos as well as detailed description of exercises to perform according to your trimester.


In this article we discussed websites with prenatal workout plans. While I found a lot of websites which are paid and a lot of websites which just tell you what all you can do for a healthy pregnancy. But none of them list any exercises which can be performed. So after searching more I came across these 3 websites which have prenatal workout plans trimester wise. You can go through all of them and see which one you find more inspirational.

Once again, do consult your physician before starting any exercises.

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