Am I Stressed? Test Your Stress Level With These 5 Online Stress Test Websites

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Almost two third of the world population undergoes some kind of stress in a 2 week period. Prolonged stress not only leads to insomnia, but many health-related problems as well. It is always a good call to see if you are undergoing stress or not.

If you ever find yourself asking the question “Am I Stressed?”, give any of these online stress test websites a try. These tests will ask you several questions. Based on your replies, you will get a result which will predict if you may be stressed or not. You also get suggestions based on the result to curb your stress.

These Depression Test Websites let you check if you are depressed.

Here Are The Best Stress Test Websites:

Test Your Stress Level

Test Your Stress Level from 15Minutes4Me is an online test to measure your stress level. For this, it asks you 23 questions, which are basically statements. You have to answer the questions if they applied to you over the past week. There are 4 options which you can select based on how much the statement applied to you.

At the end of the test, you a get the result which shows your stress percentage. The questions are designed in such a way, that you also get to see your anxiety and depression percentage.

Give it a try here.

Test Your Stress

Test Your Stress is another good stress test from Be Mindful with 10 questions. You do not need to register to take the test. You need to answer the questions based on last month. There are 5 options for you to answer the questions. When you complete the test, you get a score on a scale of 40. If you want, you can take the Be Mindful course to reduce stress levels.

Take this test here.

Stress Test

Stress Test from Psychologist World is an extensive stress test. It has more than 40 questions that are related to stress and anxiety. There are 4 options for you to rate how you feel about the asked question. It also asks you about your gender, age, and location, so that it can compare your data with people belonging to your age group and area.

The result page shows you the score and tells what it means. It also provides some links to materials that you can use to relieve your stress.

Check this Am I stressed test here.

Individual Stress Test

Individual Stress Test from Stress Management Society is a bit different test from the above mentioned Am I Stressed quiz websites. It asks you about your habits and behaviors from your day to day life. There are more than 10 questions that you need to answer. At the end of the test, it asks for your email ID before you can see the result.

The result shows your stress level and also suggests what you should do.

Take this test here.

Test Your Stress Level!her

Test Your Stress Level! from A Real Me is a Am I Stressed test which is most suitable for people having work related stress. There are 30 questions, which are mostly related to your work. There are different scenarios, and for them, you have to select the action you would prefer the most in those scenarios. The result page shows your stress level on a meter and explains it a bit. You also get some suggestions.

Give it a try here.

Closing Words

These online stress test websites will not only help you determine if you have stress, but will help you reduce it. Give them a try.

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