Online Interactive Bible: 5 Websites To Make Bible Study Fun

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This article is going to cover the online interactive bible. For this, I’m going to mention 5 free websites to make bible study fun and interesting. These websites offer you bible study material. It includes bible scripts, verses, videos, and audio. One of the websites lets you download an interactive PDF as well. The PDF includes several books of the bible under different categories.

Here, the websites which you’re going to read work differently. You can use these interactive bibles to know the bible stories. The bible covers books such as Genesis, Exodus, etc., with several acts. It includes sermons as well.

If you’re a teacher then you can definitely use these online platforms to teach students bible. Children will surely love reading religious and moral lessons. Parents can also try these bible activities at home. It encourages children to read moral subjects.

Let’s check out the online interactive bible.

Wvbs Online Video

Interactive bible reading plans

Wvbs Online Video is a platform where you can watch videos based on bible lessons. This particular website also offers interactive bible lessons. Here, you can read bible studies, Christian doctrines, sermons, documentaries, etc.

On this website, you can make your bible reading more fun. The mentioned link takes you the page where you will find an interactive bible reading plan PDF for 2019. It covers only new testament. But, you can get old testament interactive PDF for 2018 as well.

When you download the PDF of old and new testaments, you will be able to read the whole bible in one place. The PDF includes the link of the bible video. There are 60 books approx divided into different categories. Each of the books has a supplementary video. If you click the red colored boxes, it lets you watch a video related to the subject. Similarly, you can access more chapters and books of the old and new testaments.

Interactive bible reading plans is another good website that offers interactive bible lessons. The website lets you read the bible in different versions and languages. You can go through several books that teach religious lessons.

The website lets you listen to the audio based on the chapters. It is a good option to listen to the bible in case you’re not in the mood of reading. You can change books. There are options like Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Judges, and others. You can jump from chapter to chapter. Besides that, the website lets you watch the bible videos as well.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Interactive bible reading plans

Jehovah’s Witnesses can also be used to get interactive bible lessons. This website offers an interactive bible lessons course for free. You can read the bible by units, books, and chapters. It is for all ages and religion. You can easily access the online bible with supplementary material, videos, etc.

When you visit the website, you can directly start reading the Bible course online. It also displays your progress of reading the bible. You can hover your mouse over Bible notes to know the meaning of the statement. Doing so, you can get more details about certain topics. There is a picture slide show and videos to understand better.

Interactive Bible

Interactive bible reading plans

As the name suggests, this website is an Interactive Bible available online. The site enables you to read spiritual lessons, doctrines, sin, and morality.

Once you visit the website, it shows a list of links. Those links let you read the bible online. You can read subjects related to salvation, sin, baptism, and a lot more. The site prompts you to choose options or click on the specific term to proceed. This interactive bible displays choices to know your answer. And then, the bible interacts with you.


Interactive bible reading plans

Superbook is another platform where you can find an interactive bible. The website is quite interesting as it provides a bible within the interface. And there you can read the bible on the left whereas on the right you can see profiles, videos, Q & A.

The dropdown helps you to change books, translations, and version of the bible. Whichever act you choose to read, it shows a video on the right. You can understand the bible completely watching the series.

In brief

The interactive Bible is fun to read. You can read not just the bible but also watch bible videos. The above-mentioned websites are quite helpful to find all of these things in one place. These websites offer interactive PDF and online interactive bible lessons course. You can try these websites and enjoy reading the bible.

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