JavaScript for Kids Free Websites to Teach Kids Coding

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In this article, you will get to know about Javascript coding for kids. For that, I am going to cover a few websites that are free to use. Also, you can teach your children or students JavaScript in simple steps. The sites have a good collection of categories or subjects. It raises interest in children to learn because all the activities have good graphics.

You can use these websites as a student, teacher or parents. Sign-ups are required to access programming language on these sites. Once you select the category, it shows different lessons related to Math, Drawing, Art, Data structure, etc. You can choose any of the lessons. Some of these sites are like an interactive tutorial where it instructs you and you can follow the steps to type coding. Also, you can view the result of coding in real time.

The JS programming can be saved by you so you can use it later. A few of these websites let you learn HTML, CSS, and python as well. It is a good solution to teach children coding at an early age. I have covered an article earlier where children can add blocks to create an interactive story.

Let’s go through free JavaScript for kids websites.

1. CodeGuppy

JavaScript for kids

CodeGuppy is a free website for learning JavaScript for kids. This is a JavaScript tutorial platform. Here, children can learn to code in a fun way.

When you open the website, you will see tutorials that are specially designed for kids. All the activities have fun graphics that look creative. There are several categories to learn JavaScript such as Drawing, Math, Text Processing, Polar coordinates, Pixel art, Games, and other coding courses. Each category has 6-12 tutorials and all are free.

To learn JavaScript for kids, you can open any of the tutorials that you find interesting. When you open a specific lesson, it shows the JavaScript instructions on the left. And on the right, you will see how the coding looks like after learning. Here, coding is already created so you can create a new scene by clicking the (+) sign on the top right.

There are other tools that you can use while coding. For that, look for options on the left, e.g., backgrounds, sounds, sprites, and commands. While creating a new scene, you can use backgrounds with different patterns and colors. There are sprites that are categorized as an adventure, animal, holiday, boy, etc. Adding the sound in your project will make your coding more effective. Also, you can read the commands and practice it on a blank page. After adding the coding, you can click on the play button on the top. It shows an amazing output of your creation. You can save the copy of your coding as well.

2. Khan Academy

JavaScript for kids

Khan Academy is one of the good websites for kids. The site offers multiple lessons for children including JavaScript. When you open its website, you will find a section called Computer Programming. There you can learn JS, Advanced JS, HTML, CSS, SQL, etc., types of courses.

Here, you can learn JS programming step by step. The site introduces the JS programming including other fun lessons. Using this site, kids can learn around 15 types of lessons such as introduction to programming, drawing basics, debugging programs, interactive programs, text and strings, coloring, animations basics, and others.

You can choose any of the lesson available on the site. All are free to use and practice. When you open a subject, it shows you how to code with respective information such as definition, tips. You can watch videos to know the output. In this way, kids can learn or teachers can teach them JS programming easily.

3. Tynker

JavaScript for kids

Tynker is also a free online platform to learn JavaScript for kids. You can sign up as a student, parent or teacher. The site is an interactive notebook where children can learn to code easily with better understanding.

After creating an account, you will get free projects and tutorials depending on how you sign up. If you create the account as a student, you get 20 lessons in free plan with other activities. As a teacher, you get 3 coding courses, 20 student accounts whereas it provides free coding activities for Parents.

On the left, there is an option “Create” in the menu section. Then, it displays multiple ways of learning to code. You can learn block coding, JavaScript, Python, HTML & CSS. You can watch videos to understand better.

There are sub-categories in every category. When you click on JavaScript, it shows tutorial related to the JavaScript. The site has Math related lesson in JavaScript section. There are lessons such as Math, Data structure, Widget, Charting, and Algorithm.

As shown above, you can learn HTML and CSS in the interface. You can also save this and try it on a blank JavaScript project for practice.

4. Crunchzilla

JavaScript for kids

Crunchzilla is one of the simplest platforms to learn JavaScript for kids. The site offers programming lessons according to the ages. There are interactive tutorials named Code Monster, Code Maven, Data Maven, and Game Maven.

The Code Monster is for preteens whereas Code Maven is for teens and adults that has more explanation. Data Maven is for the people who can answer related to data and statistics. And Game Maven is for the older teens to have JavaScript experience.

Whichever option you choose to learn JS, you will get two boxes. On the top, the tutor instructs you to type coding. You can click on the tutor picture to view the statement or the instructions. Then, you can type JS programming in the left box. The result of your coding appears on the right box in real time.

5. CodingBat

JavaScript for Kids

CodingBat can be a good option for JavaScript for kids. With the help of this site, you can learn Java and Python as well.

The site has categories such as basic coding, array loops, logic puzzles, string problems, etc. When you open a category, it shows several lessons that you can choose to learn JS programming.

Each lesson has a box on the left and above that, you can see the instructions to follow coding. You can type the codes and press GO button. Besides that, the site lets you view the solution. It becomes easy to get the idea of correct coding. You can view the functional API as well. Here, you may see the entire chart of JavaScript programming. It is a good option for children as they can see the steps and learn to code easily.

6. JavaScript.Info

JavaScript for Kids Online

JavaScript.Info is another great online platform for JavaScript for kids. The site has a collection of tutorials for learning programming language.

On this site, you can learn the basics of JS like introduction to JavaScript, code editors, etc. There are other topics such as JavaScript Fundamental, the basics, data types, code quality, classes, modules, error handling, and many more. These topics have units as well. There is almost three parts with several topics. You can learn to code in different ways.

When you open the topic, it shows details like definition and videos. If you wish then you can play the video to understand coding. Then, you can try it on your own. Also, there is an edit option. You can click that option which takes you to another page called Plunkr. There, you can edit the coding and see the output.

7. TutorialsPoint

JavaScript for Kids Online

TutorialsPoint is also a good website for JavaScript for kids. As the name suggests, this is the tutorial point where you will find all the topics related to the programming language.

The site offers topics such as Syntax, Variables, Switch case, Loop control, objects like Arrays, Math, Strings, etc. Using this site, you can learn advanced JavaScript as well. Kids and adults can use this website for learning JS programming.

To learn to code, you can choose any topic. Then, you can click on its heading to open the interface. There you see an example of coding. And next to that, there is an option titled Live Demo. You can click on that to view the coding. You can edit it and save the coding as well.

In brief

It is a great option to teach children coding at a small age. Though programming language is not that easy. But if a child starts learning to code with basics then it can be an easy option for them. On top of that, the above-mentioned websites have interesting graphics. Children can learn JS programming in a playful manner.

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