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This app covers free Windows 10 Christmas recipe apps which will show you lots of recipes which you can try out in the coming holiday season. The apps feature various Christmas recipes to help you out in cooking during holidays. The Windows 10 store doesn’t have a lot of dedicated Christmas recipe apps, I was only able to find 2. Both these apps have traditional as well as modern recipes which you can try out. The second app also has cooking videos to help you out while you are cooking. The apps include some very popular Christmas recipes like eggnog, ginger bread, cookies, cornbread, salads, cakes, pies, etc.

Let’s look at these 2 free Windows 10 Christmas recipe apps below.

Christmas Kitchen

Christmas Kitchen is a pretty good app with lots of recipes which can be tried out during holiday season. As you can see the home page of this app in the screenshot above, you will have all the categories of recipes listed on the home page in tile format. The app has a good collection of recipes which can be used during festive season for cooking or even gifting to people. You will find various categories of recipes like;

  • Festive dessert recipes.
  • Christmas gift recipes.
  • Festive drinks recipes.
  • Budget recipes.
  • Christmas trimmings recipes.
  • Vegetarian recipes.
  • Christmas buffet recipes.
  • Festive starter recipes.
  • Cake recipes.
  • Turkey recipes.

These are the broad heading these recipes have been divided into. Each category has lots of recipes under it. When you click on the category a recipes page will open up with all the recipes listed. When you click on a recipe it will open in the same page towards the right side of the screen. As can be seen in the screenshot below.

The recipe will show you directions to cook, a beautiful image of the cooked dish, ingredients that you will need to cook the dish, preparation time, cooking time, servings, etc. Out of so many recipes you will be able to find the one that you are looking for. The app has all traditional or modern day recipes which are cooked during the festive season.


BestCooks has a huge collection of recipes from all over the world. You can see recipes from popular chefs as well as home chefs. The advantage of the app is that a lot of recipes have a video accompanied with the text directions. So you can see how things are being done and follow along. You will find all sorts of recipes like vegetarian, cakes, salads, kids, Thanksgiving, Christmas, drinks, pizza, pasta, etc. The home page of the app can be seen above. It will list all the popular recipes on the home page. When you right click on the page, a list of all the chefs, channels included will come up, as can be seen above. You can choose any channel you would like to check out. Each channel has lots of recipes listed under it.

When you click on a particular recipe its page will open up and if it has a cooking video it will start playing immediately. The recipe video screen will look like the screenshot below.

When you click on the play icon at the top right side it will show you the nutritional information, cooking time, preparation time, etc. Among these recipes you will find traditional dishes which are cooked during Christmas as well. The app features a lot of videos by popular chefs. This would make your cooking job easier, as you can watch the video and follow along.


These are some free Windows 10 Christmas recipe apps you will be able to find in the Windows 10 store. Get these recipe apps and try your hand at something new this Christmas or you can also go with something traditional. You would have no difficulty finding either of them in the apps given above.

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