5 Free Windows 10 Apps To Make Funny Faces On PC

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Here are 5 free Windows 10 apps to make funny faces on PC.  Some of these apps lets you paste faces to funny templates and then you can save the edited funny faces as a photo on the PC. On the other hand, some Windows 10 apps let you add different funny and weird objects to face i.e. masks, beards, eyes, glasses, hats, etc which ultimately turn a serious looking face into a comic character. You can select a photo from the Windows File Explorer or click a brand new with the webcam and then edit the face to make it look funnier. Some apps also let you share funny faces on Facebook, via email, etc. Best of all, none of them add a watermark on the funny face photo created by them.

5 different ways to make funny faces in windows 10


PhotoFacer is a free Windows 10 app to put someone’s face to someone else’s body, which then obviously looks funny. We have already wrote about this fun app for you where you can read its usage i.e. how to create funny faces by pasting a face on someone else body. It offers a ton of different templates to choose from and you can select a photo from the File Explorer or click a new one to add to the template. Once you have selected a photo, you have to then help the app to identify the face on the photo by painting it. Its editing interface makes it very easier for a new user in the editing world to create some funny pics and save them to their PC. All the editing options can be seen on the right side of the interface i.e. adjust photo contrast, saturation, etc, rotate and flip the face or even put it in the background or foreground on the photo. At last, click on the Done button to save the photo

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PhotoFunia is a free Windows 10 app to create funny faces. In this Windows 10 app, you can add a face to a number of different funny templates as in Funny Photo Maker, except for the fact that you can move and resize the face in a template. It lets you select a photo from the PC or you can even click a fresh one from the webcam. However, it can’t automatically detect faces and you have to manually select the face area in the photo. After that, selected face area will be applied to the funny template and you can move the face area and resize it. Finally, you can save the funny photo to your PC and even share it on social media.

Funny Face:

funny face windows 10 app make funny faces

Funny Face is another funny faces app for Windows 10 which provides a number of funny objects like masks, beard, hair, mouth, etc that you can add to a face and make it look funnier. You can either click a new snap or load a pic from the PC and then edit it using Funny Face. The editing interface is quite straightforward; on the top there are different funny objects divided into 9 categories that are: Hats, Masks, Glasses, Mustaches, Hair, Mouth, Eyes, Memes, and Accessories. Simply, select any funny object and then it will be inserted on the editing interface. You can then scale the inserted funny object and move it around to make it look like it is actually placed on top of the face. It also lets you add text on the funny face. Click on the Add text button and then select the font type, size, etc and write the text. It then adds the specified text on the editing interface which can be moved to the any part of the editing canvas. Once you are done with the editing part, you can save the edited humorous face as a PNG image anywhere on the PC.


facegoo windows 10 app

FaceGoo is another free app for Windows 10 to make funny faces on PC. This app is pretty similar to the previous Windows 10 app on my list but the main limitation of the app is that all funny objects like beards, masks, etc are not free to use and you need to buy the packs in order to apply them on the face. What I liked the most about this app is that it provides some free animated stickers with sounds to make animated faces. This is similar to a Android app which I reviewed earlier, called Face Changer Video; you can use it make animated face videos. The main interface of the app gives you the option to import photo from PC. Once you have selected the photo to edit, right-click on its editing interface to see the options to add animated stickers and normal stickers such as masks, eyes, glasses, etc. The selected sticker is then placed on its editing interface which can be moved and resized. Do note that once you click anywhere on the editing interface, then you can’t move or resize the sticker. If you made a mistake, then Control+Z will help you to undo the move. Once done, you can save the funny face as a PNG or JPG image. I got really disappointed when I couldn’t find the option to save the animated face as a video. Thus, the animated stickers appears as normal stickers when saved as JPG or PNG image.

Make Me Bald:

Make Me Bald is a free Windows 10 app which can give any face a bald and funny look, just as in the screenshot above. The app allows you to select any photo from PC or click a new one from webcam and then add some funny and weird looking scalps and mustaches to it. After installing this app, select a pic from PC to open it in editing interface of this app. After that, click on the Bald Sticker and select any scalp; it then appears on the editing canvas. You can then move and resize it to fit on the photo head and give it a bald look. Select a bald sticker as per the skin tone as it makes the funny face looks more realistic. In addition to this, you can also select mouth stickers and write text on the photo. Finally, right-click on the interface and select the Save option to export the funny face as JPG image or you can share it directly on Facebook, Mail, etc.


In this article, I introduced you to 5 free Windows 10 apps to make funny faces on PC. My favorite apps from the list are PhotoFacer, FaceGoo, and PhotoFunia. If you are planning to make someone look bald without actually cutting their hair, then you should definitely check out Make Me Bald. Apart from that, all other Windows 10 apps lets you add funny objects to faces or paste faces to funny and weird templates to make them humorous.

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