5 Free Websites for Dithering Images Online

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This post lists some free websites for dithering images online. These websites take an image from you and return you the dithered version of the image after applying various dithering algorithms on it. Apart from dithering, you can also opt to use some other effects and then download your image back. Apart from image dithering tools, here I have also added a website for pairing in dithering mode that you might like.

Image dithering, a process to reconstruct an image at pixel level to create the illusion of color depth with a limited color palette. It can also reduce the image size significantly, and the websites I have mentioned here let you do that in a few clicks. There are popular dithering algorithms that these websites support, and you can select anyone of them for your uploaded image.

For having an artistic effect on your photos, you can use these online image dithering tools for free. The process is very simple and straightforward, and you just have to upload an PNG or JPG files to begin with.

5 Free Websites for Dithering Images Online

5 Free Websites for Dithering Images Online

Dither Me This

Dither Me This

Dither Me This is one of the best free websites out there for image dithering online. Here this is a quite advanced image dithering tool you can use as it offers a lot of presets that you can apply to your image. It also shows the preview of the final file using a comparison slider and all the effects are applied almost immediately.

Here you start by uploading a PNG or JPG file and then select dithering type and diffusion map. After that, you can simply have the final image generated for you, and you can do that. You can dither any number of photos or images with different presets and download them on your PC.

Apart from dithering images, you can use this website to extract color information from images. The process is very simple, and you are free to use it any number of times without registration or sign up.

Dither it

Dither it

Dither it is another simple and straightforward websites for dithering images online. It supports dithering algorithms like FloydSteinberg, Stucki, Atkinson, Jarvis, and many others. Just upload an image and select an algorithm and then final output will be generated in a click. For the finally generated image, it even shows you the difference between the image sizes.

Again here you are not required to sign up or register in order to this tool. Just go to the main website and then simply upload an image. You can also start from an example image in case you ant to experiment with this tool a bit. The controls are on the left side of the website, and you can just select them based on your needs. Select a dithering algorithm from the list and click on “Dither” to see the results.

Apart from using the default presets, you can specify your own color pallete for the dithering process. It shows you various color pallete options that you can select from the list and after that, it will generate the dithered image accordingly. When the image has been generated, you can save it on your PC in a click.



Ditherlicious is yet another simple online tool you can use. Here it is pretty much like the websites I have mentioned in this post, and you can use for dithering images with ease. Here it offers a very straightforward way of dithering images, and it doesn’t have more tweaking option like other tools in this list.

Go to this website from above and then simply upload a photo. Use the “Open Photo” option from the top, and then you can simply let it dither the image. It will show you the final image, and you can save it on your PC. Additionally, if you want, then you can change the black and white filer along with the contrast and exposure parameters.


DitherPaint is quite a unique tool in this list and very powerful as well. All the websites above let you dither a given image and let you download the generated image. But here is this website not only let you dither an image, but you can pain on a canvas in dithering mode. It supports a lot of patterns that you can choose for the painting and when you are done, you can download the final image as PNG on your PC.

Just open this tool from the link above, and then you can simply start painting on the canvas. The patterns for the painting are given n the left side, and you can just select anyone and then draw whatever you like. Additionally, there are some other editing tools that you can use, such as select tool to move a selection or even delete it. You can change the brush size and image resolution.

DitherPaint painting

If you don’t want to use the painting tool, then you can just dither any image that you have on PC. Just open an image, and it will automatically dither-ize it, and then you can save that on your PC. However, here this website doesn’t give you many options to tweak the uploaded image. Or say I couldn’t find the tweaking tools, maybe because the UI is very classical.

DitherPaint image dithering

So, here is one more image dithering tool for you. But the best part is that you can use it for painting, and it is very precise as well. So, just go ahead and start drawing on the canvas. This is as simple as that.

Image Dithering Tool by Shihn.ca

Image Dithering Tool by Shihn ca

This website is basically a personal blog of some developer who has created an image dithering tool. He has created a very detailed post about describing the whole algorithm and process of dithering. And along with the details, there is an image dithering tool as well that you can use. But this one is very simple, and it is only means for demonstration purpose, and it works.

Reach this website from above, and you upload an image. After that, you select a color depth from the list that you want to alter in the image, and it will generate the preview. You can change the color depth again, and it will generate the adjusted preview that you can save on your PC if you want to. However, this will just be a low resolution preview image.

Final words:

These are the best free online image dithering tools you can use. Use these to quickly dither your images online for free and in a very short amount of time. Also, if you are an artist then I have added a dither painting tool in the list that you might like. If you are a fond of computer painting then you will find that really exciting and precise. So, if you are looking for online image dithering websites then you are at the right place. Just try any of the websites I have mentioned here and let me know what you think about it.

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