4 Free Website Live Chat Services with Unlimited Agents

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In this post, I will talk about some best free website live chat widgets with unlimited agents. Here you can install these live chat widgets on any website and then handle website visitors. You can create unlimited agents to handle the site users and all this for free. The live chat widgets I have mentioned here come with all the features that you will need to manage queries of your site visitors. There is a dedicated web app for managing the chats and you can assign chats to any agent easily. The chat widget that these websites offer collects user details and you can block a visitor as well if he/she is pranking your.

Website live chats are good for increasing the interactiveness of the website. Even if all the information is available on your site, there will always some users who don’t get it. And in that case, they usually reach to the site contacts to clear their doubts and ask questions. And with these live chat widgets, you can help those kind of users. Here they offer unlimited chats and unlimited agents so you can easily handle all the users on your site at any given time.

There is a list of free live website chat widgets is covered by us. But in most of the, you get limited number of agents. And chat agents are the most important part in live chat as they are the ones handling the user queries. So more number of chat agents result in converting more users. And in this post I have added 4 such chat widgets that you can use. They offer you dedicated apps, software to manage chats and there is a web dashboard as well. And one of them is self hosted that you can install on your own server.

4 Free Website Live Chat Services with Unlimited Agents

4 Free Website Live Chat Services with Unlimited Agents:


tawk.to live-chat

tawk.to is one of the best free live chat widget you can try to add on your websites. It allows you have as many agents as you want. While setting it up on your site, you just have to invite your agents via their email address and then it will create their account. Those agents can log in to the dashboard and pick up an incoming chat request. They can chat with the user from the back-end and resolve queries.

On the dashboard, it can show all the details about the user such as IP address, platform details, region, etc. It allows you to tag the chat and even ban the user if it is a prank. You will find almost all the live chat features in this and will be easily use them. Apart from it, it supports some external addons that you can add for hiring agents for you, in chat payments, SMS integration, etc.

tawk.to chat dashboard

You can install this by adding the embed code it gives you. When you sign up for it, you will be asked to fill the detail of your website. And it will give you the embed code that you have to add on your site. If your websites is built using WordPress then it will very easy for you. You just have to add the code in the footer section and widget will start showing up as you can can see in the screenshot above.

If we keep the unlimited against feature aside, there are still some more amazing features in this website chat widget. The best part is that it offers you its official app to manage chats right from your Android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC. The chat widget it gives you can be customized and you can respond to a message quickly with predefined shortcuts. And if your teammates are not available for handling the chats then you can hire agents for as low as  1$/hr.


unbeatable chat in action

Unbeatable is another handy live chat services that you can use on your websites, Just like tawk.to, it doesn’t impose a limit on the number of agents you can have. You can install this on almost any kind of website with ease. Just put the embed code on your site pages and it will add the chat widget there. The chat widget is nice and the web dashboard is cloud based. However, this service is totally cloud based and doesn’t offer you client apps for MAC, Windows or mobile phones. You and the chant agents will have to use the web interface to interact with the site visitors.

The chat agents in it can be added via their email address. And they can pick any pending chat and start answering user queries. In the Users section, you can send invites to the people, you want to assign as chat agents. There are numerous features in this chat services that you will like. Features like targeted live chats, customizable chat box, chat history for up to 1 year. Along with all this, it offers you some other features to track users. You can track any site activity with this and then initiate chat. Also, while chatting, it shows you all details of the users such as his IP address, location, browser they are using etc.

unbeatable chat dashboard

You just go and sign up for a free account for this services and get the embed code. Next, you add the code before the closing of the </body> tag. The chat box will appear on the websites which works in two modes. If there is no agent online then the chat box will behave like a feedback or contact form. And if there is any chat agent is available then it the live chat interface will appear. You can collect email address of the user and then then do whatever you want.


Zestim chat window

Zestim is yet another free live chat service you can use right now with no restrictions on agents. It offers you a pretty classical dashboard where you can see all the incoming chats and you can pick anyone from there. It uses notification sounds and push notification to indicate a new visitor for chat. You can see all the details about the end user and take down notes. There is a unique feature in this service which is chat transferring. If you can’t handle the query of a user then you can transfer the chat to the senior quiet person easily. The agents you create here can interact with each other and admins can grant admin rights to any agents as well.

Sign up for the free account and then you can simply start using it. Add it to your site and for that, you will have to get the embed code that you have to add before the </body> tag. The chat window is simple but can be customized. Parameters like foreground colors can be changed. Other features of the service include push page and triggered chats. You can opt to popup the chat window the user based on an action. On the dashboard, you can configure all this parameters. It shows detailed analytics and summary of the chats that you can analyze.

Zestim chat summary and dashboard

Above, you can see the stats of the chats and the dashboard section. The only thing missing here is the chat clients. It doesn’t have any Windows or MAC app to control the chats right from desktop. So, you just create an account and then you can simply start using this. Add your agents via email, and then after they join, you can configure the chat routing. You can specify how the chats will be assigned to the agents. Based on the methods such as Round Robin, Round to All, Lease Busy, etc., you can route the chats.

Live helper Chat

Live helper Chat in action

Live helper Chat is basically an open source website live chats service that you can use. If you think that you have enough technical knowledge that you can setup this tool on your own on a VPS then this is for you. And if you don’t want to get into the manual installation then you can go with the hosted solution of the same as well which is paid. Here this is very feature rich websites live chat service. It doesn’t only put no limits on number of agents but it offers chat client for almost all platforms except mobile devices. There are dedicated Windows, MAC, clients for handling the conversations.

If offers you a very detailed dashboard where you can see all the stats. You can see incoming chat requests and pick chat and start messaging. The chat box that it adds on your site can be detached from the webpage so it can be used as a separate window. The chat can be exported and you can search chat as well. Since, you will install it on your own server so you will own the data. You can easily search old conversations here and see active users on site as well. And one of the best part about this chat widget is that it is fully customizable with some free plugins. Free plugins for themes and other features can be found on its homepage and you can install them.

Live Helper Chat Dashboard

Just like all the services above, you use it in the same way. You can easily install it on a server by following an easy documentation. Also, it offers you 14 days trial which you can use to explore the platform in its full glory. Almost all things are free in the open source version and I’m sure you will like. The dashboard is simple yet shows details about all the online users. You can put your online status available or away. If you want it to play a sound when a new message arrives then you can do that too.

Final thoughts

These are the best free website live chat services that you can use. All these give you unlimited agents and you can easily set up them on your websites. For some of these, you need some technical knowledge but that is fine. You will get some amazing features that some other services of the same kind lack. Just create a free account and start handling the chat requests on your website. Some of these offer their chat clients that you can use to respond to users. And if you want services like this then tawk.to and Live Chat Helper are for you. And if you want a live chats service that focuses on user tracking then you can go with Unbeatable. Also, if you know some other service with no limit on agents then you can tell me.

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