4 Free Online Noise Texture Generator Websites

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In this article, you will get to know about these free Online Noise Texture Generator websites. Using these websites, you can generate noise textures and download them as images. You can select the color of texture background, noise color, noise opacity, noise density, and more. Before downloading the noise texture as image, you can even select its dimensions (height and width). All these noise texture generators only let you download texture in PNG image format. Let us explore the features offered by these websites, one at a time.

Here Are The best Free Online Noise Texture Generator Websites

Noise Texture Generator

Noise Texture Generator is the most famous and used noise texture generator out there. It is a pretty simple tool to generate noise texture. As you can see, there are sliders to adjust Noise opacity and Noise density. Later, you can select a Background color for your texture. You can directly enter color hex code if you have one. Selecting the Transparent noise option generates transparent noise texture without any color. Finally, you get the option to set pattern dimension, where you can set width and height of the noise texture. The real time preview displays the generated noise texture. When satisfied, simply click the Download now button. Your noise texture will be downloaded in PNG format.

In my opinion, this is the best noise texture generator you will find. If you are looking for different or more noise texture options, then follow along.

Background Image Generator

Background Image Generator, as the name suggests, lets you generate background images with textures and noise. You can select the background color and then choose a background pattern. There are numerous patterns to choose from. For the selected Pattern, you can select from numerous Blend Modes. Pattern intensity can also be set. To add noise to the generated texture, simply set the Noise intensity using its slider. Additional options let you invert pattern and generate 2x pattern. Click on Download Background Image to download the generated noise texture to your PC in PNG image format. Unfortunately, there is no option to set the image dimension of noise texture.


NoisePNG is the simplest noise texture generator that you will find. All the options are available on the top panel of this web application. The first option lets you select the Background color. The next option lets you set the Texture size. After that you can set Noise Intensity on a scale of 1 to 100. Noise Opacity can also be set. The Monochrome Noise option lets you turn the added noise to black and white. Now, you can either get the link to the noise texture image or simply download it to your PC from the Noise! button. The downloaded texture is in PNG format.

CSS Matic Noise Texture

CSS Matic Noise Texture is another free noise texture generator. It lets you create noise texture of custom dimensions. Also, here you can set the background color and noise color. Two sliders let you set Noise Opacity and Noise Density. You can set background and noise color through color selector or simply enter color hex code. If you want transparent noise texture, toggle on the Export noise transparent option. The Dimensions section lets you set Height and Width of noise texture. When done, simply click the Download Noise Texture to get the texture in PNG format on your PC.

Closing Words

There are not many Noise Texture Generator websites out there. But out of the available ones, these are the best options that you will find to generate different types of noise textures. All these tools are distinct from each other and let you create custom noise texture.

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