2 Free Impact Factor Calculator Websites for Researchers

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In this post, I will talk about a couple of free impact factor calculator websites. If you are doing a PhD and into research then you need an impact factor calculator to analyze the impact of your work. Here in this post, I will talk about two such online tools that you can use for that exact same purpose.

An Impact Factor Calculator is basically a tool that is used to determine impact factor of a specific academic journal or publication. It is a numerical metric that measures the importance and influence of a journal within a specific field of research over a period of time, generally year.

Impact factor is widely used in the academic and scientific community to evaluate and compare the significance of different journals. Let’s see how you can calculate it using these tools below.

2 Free Impact Factor Calculator Websites for Researchers

Omni Calculator:


Omni Calculator is one of the best free online websites that has tons of calculator tools. Just think of a calculator in your mind and Omni has it. We have used it before for calculating early retirement etc. And here I am using it one more time as it now offers an Impact Factor calculator tool for researchers.

The website is completely free to use and there is not even a sign up or registration required. Use the link above to access this calculator and then start using it. Start by specifying total citations in a year, citations in the year before that, and citations in the year before that again.

Click “See the result” and it will show you the calculated value for the impact factor for your own publications. In this way, y0u can use it for calculating impact factor of someone else’s journal for free.

Calculator Academy:


Calculator Academy is another free online tool that you can use to calculate impact factor for anyone. Just like the tool above, it works pretty much in the same way. The site requires no sign up and registration and even tried to explain to you the whole concept of impact factor calculating mathematically.

Enter the number of citations a publication received in the current year. After that, specify the number of total citable publications in the previous year. And finally, enter the number of citable publications 2 years before. The calculator will now analyze and show you the calculated impact factor.

In this way, you can keep using this tool by changing the input parameters. Bookmark it for quick access and whenever you need it for yourself or someone else, just open it up and then use the calculator in just a few clicks.

Final thoughts:

As a researcher if you are looking for some free tools to calculate impact factor for your own journals or for someone else then you can stop your quest here. Just use any of the two tools mentioned here. They will not disappoint you and if you know some other tool for the same then you can let me know.

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