3 Free Imgur Downloader Software For Windows 10

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Here are 3 free Imgur downloader software for Windows 10.

Those who are looking for a desktop client that can download Imgur photos to their Windows 10 PCs, this curated list is handy. Most of the Imgur Downloader software let you download public albums and Imgur gallery photos. Apart from this, some of these have additional interesting features. For example, you can download secret albums, enable threaded download to start downloading multiple images together, browse Imgur photos shared on Reddit by users, download a single or the whole album list, etc.

So, each individual software comes with its own set of unique features. Let’s start with the first Imgur downloader software for Windows 10 listed here.

imgur Gallery&Album Downloader

imgur Gallery&Album Downloader- interface

imgur Gallery&Album Downloader is indeed a good option to download Imgur images on Windows 10. You can download your public as well as hidden albums, gallery photos of Imgur, and public and hidden albums of any other user. Option to download Secret albums is not available. Still, overall this is really a good Imgur downloader software for Windows 10.

This software also supports Threaded Download. This lets you download multiple photos simultaneously. You can set the number of simultaneous downloads by accessing Settings.

It has a tiny interface in which you need to paste the URL of an album or a gallery photo. After this, you can either download the albums in default folder or select a custom folder.

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imgdl- interface

imgdl (formerly Imgur Album Downloader) is a fantastic Imgur downloader software for Windows 10. It lets you download a single album or all the albums together. This is a unique feature and also not present in any other software listed here. You can download public albums of any user. It can’t grab secret and hidden albums. However, the software is great when you need to download your or any other user’s public albums.

You can first select Single Album or User Album List option, download directory, and then enter Imgur username. After this, press Download button, and it will start downloading Imgur photos to the selected directory on Windows 10.

Reddit Imgur Browser Downloader

reddit imgur Browser- interface

This is also a useful Imgur downloader software for Windows 10. However, this software works in a different manner. It lets you explore those Imgur images, which are uploaded to Imgur, but shared on Reddit by users. So, you first need to select a particular subreddit and then it shows images available in that subreddit. This software can’t be used to download your public or secret Imgur albums, but surely handy to view and download public images shared on Reddit and belongs to Imgur.

This software also lets you preview an image and move to the next and previous image. If you like the pic, you can download it. So, if you are in search for some good Imgur pics posted by users on Reddit, you can try this software.

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The Verdict:

I will recommend you guys to go for imgur Gallery&Album Downloader software. This software has all the important features and an advantage that it can grab your secret Imgur albums. Rest of the software have their own special features. Let me know in comments which one you like the most.

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