Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites Map on these 5 Free Websites

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This post lists some best free websites to explore UNESCO World Heritage sites with map. On these websites, you can find an interactive map which you can use to explore heritage sites from every country or continent. You can see details about the buildings and use that information for your next trip or research project.

World Heritage Sites are remarkable locations on the planet which are kept safe for the future generations to learn about the glorious past. Unfortunately there are not enough websites or sources with the complete list or maps. So, I have listed 5 such websites that you can use to find all the world heritage sites with their exact location on the map.

On the following websites, you can explore cities, cultural landscapes, forest, marine & coastal, earthen architecture, and many more world heritage sites. One of the flowing websites even offer powerful filters to show you exactly the information you need.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Map Free

Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites Map on these 5 Free Websites

UNESCO Official Website

UNESCO Word Heritage Interactive Map

There is an interactive world heritage sites map on the official UNESCO website that you can use. This is probably one of the most powerful maps that you can use. It is a interactive map that can change dynamically based on applied filters. Using the filters that it offers, you can generate the desired results.

You don’t need any kind of registration to use the map that they provide. For faster access, you can just bookmark it and use it whenever you need it. With this, you can separately list sites that are cities, cultural landscapes, forests or even earthen architectures. You just select category to narrow down the results or use the whole map.

You can use this map to plan your trips. Or, you can also use it for research purposes as well. Here when you click on a site, it will take you to its details page. There, you can read everything about it.

World Heritage Sites Map by Mapspot

World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites Map by Mapspot is another website that you can use to find heritage sites across any country. Here it has grouped the heritage sites and they will expand as you zoom into the map. Additionally, the website offers a search option that you can use to find a specific world heritage site and do whatever you want. Best part is that it includes a photo gallery for each monument or site that you select on the map.

You can reach the main website from above and then simply zoom into the map to explore the sites. There is no registration or sign up process in order to use this website. There is a search tool in a small popup on the right side. There, you can enter name of any world heritage place or a country name to see the results accordingly.

Click on the gallery option to see all the images for the currently selected site. You can use this website in this way every time you want to explore world heritage sites. This is one of the best interactive maps you can get for that.

Google Maps

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Google Maps

Well Google Maps can be use for anything but many people don’t know that you can publish customs made maps there to share with the world. And using this feature, someone has published a map of Word Heritage Sites on Google Maps that you can browse and see small details about those sites.

The map on Google about the World Heritage sites is accurate but it doesn’t include the history or in-depth detail about a particular monument. You can just click on the marked location on the map to see the corresponding world heritage site.

This is very simple and it will give you an idea about the number of world heritage sites across a specific region/continent/country. And the list of all the sites is given on the left side. Additionally, it shows link to the Google Search result where you can see or research about a specific world heritage site.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites Maps The Salmons

TheSalmons.org seems to be a blog run by someone called Lynn Garry Salmon who appears to be a scientist who researches on historical monuments. On her blog, she has added a custom Google Map pretty much like the one I have mentioned above. here she has covered all the world heritage sites and you can explore them.

Just go to her website from above link and then in the embedded map, click on any pinned location. It will immediately reveal what it is. You can use the map on this website to explore world heritage sites in any country and then do whatever you want.

Maps of World

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Map

Maps of World is the last free website that you can use to have a very simply map of world heritage sites. Here the map it has is not interactive or with spots already marked. Here it just depict the density of the world heritage sites across various countries. Here you can basically use this website to see statistics about the heritage sites on the globe.

Just go to the website from above and it starts with a large map of world heritage sites. Dark color depicts more density for world heritage sites. In addition to this, you can see the list of all the world heritage sites by countries in a list. And if you are a traveler then this website has compiled the top 50 world heritage sites for you to visit.

Closing words:

These are the best free websites that you can use to explore world heritage sites on an interactive map. If you are a traveler or interested in geography or historical heritage sites then you will find these website to be very useful. Just use any of these websites to explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can plan trips or use them for research. Personally, I will recommend you to use the official map by UNESCO and World Heritage Sites Map by Mapspot. But other websites are equally good and it just comes to to individual preferences.

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