12 Free Websites to Cheer You Up When Feeling Down

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This article covers websites which will brighten your day and bring some cheer in to your life. If you have had one of those days when you are feeling gloomy and down and you feel like nothing is going your way. You are feeling overwhelmed with emotions or just tired by the situation you are in. Then these websites can help cheer you up. Though a lot of people say that internet is a dark place to be with all the haters and trolls, but there is still a ray of sunshine. When you are sick and tired of the regular boring stuff, then you can explore these wonderful websites which do nothing but bring a little cheer to your face.

Among the gazillion websites that you can find on the internet these days, you can also find some websites which help you cheer up or bring a sense of calm by doing nothing. Let’s look at these websites to cheer you up below.

Emergency Compliment

Emergency Compliment is a much needed website, those suffering from a bad day can get a quick dose of praise through this website. The website interface is pretty basic and you would see a compliment as soon as you open this website. This can also be seen in the screenshot above. You have two options displayed below the compliment “thanks!” and “meh”. If you press the “meh” button, than the website will generate another random compliment for you. If you press “thanks!” button then you will be redirected to another website, from where you can print a poster of the compliment given to you.

Looking at Something

Looking at Something let’s you control the weather. With the help of the mouse you can change the weather according to your mood. If there is not much you have in control in life, then how about controlling a little weather on the internet. This website will surely help you change your mood. You can scroll your mouse to make sunshine or to make a thunder storm. Whatever mood you are in the website can help you reflect that. Scrolling your mouse to the top of the page will bring light and sunshine, whereas, taking mouse cursor to the lower part of the page will show you rains and thunder.

Weave Silk

Weave Silk is a like emotions on a canvas. You get a black background, over which you can design with neon colors. You can move your mouse around to make random patterns on the website. You can create a piece of artwork on the websites. You can also make random lines depending upon the mood you are in. You can also share your creation with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, or various other ways. You can start a new artwork just by pressing the space button on your keyboard.


Castles is a fun website where you start off as a grey block, and then you can create multi- layered towers or building. You will have options to change color of the block given as well. There are other options given as well, like redo, undo, previous color, next color, etc. at the top right side of the page. You can make a small or large building. Whatever mood you are in this surely will bring in a sense of calm after making a tower. You can add as many blocks as you want and in the direction that you want.

ISO Blocks Game

ISO Blocks game is a fun activity. I guess its hard to explain why it is fun, but for some reason the jiggling blocks look quite fun. You will see a page like the one you see in the screenshot above. When you move one block it will create a movement in other surrounding blocks. Its fun to watch the ripples and waves that a few blocks cause to their surrounding blocks. The blocks jumping up and down might bring a cheer to your face.

Then There was Light

This is what I have named this website with no name. Then there was light talks about overcoming darkness with light in the most beautiful way. As you start scrolling down this one page website, you will notice jumbled words which assemble and disassemble in front of you. With each scroll you will have beautiful new lines which talk about overcoming darkness, anxiety and fear. As you scroll through the website, rays of light burst on the screen, bringing you hope in the most beautiful lyrics. This website will surely leave you feeling much better than when you started with it.

100,000 Stars

100,000 Stars is a awe inspiring website. The website gives you a insight in to our galaxy. Starting with the sun, the planets around it, and the thousands of stars that form up our galaxy. Seeing this incomparable beauty one can be reminded how tiny we are, and the problems we often think as big might not be that big in perspective. Hopefully this thought can bring you some comfort that you are looking for.

Automatic Flatterer

Automatic Flatterer is a compliment giving website. Nothing works better than a random compliment to cheer you up. When you open this website, it will ask you to enter your name. Once you enter your name, you will receive a random compliment addressed to you in a pop up window. You can see an example of this in the screenshot above. When you click the ok button, another random compliment will be generated, again with your name on it. So the compliment is personalized and makes you feel like its really for you. This website surely will boost up your mood.

Who is the cutest

Who is the cutest is exactly what it is, a question. Its like asking a question to the website and the website answers your question. The answer to the question can be seen in the screenshot above. Every time you open this website you type in “who is the cutest” and it answers reassuringly “you are”. Makes you feel happy inside to read it. So try this website out to bring a smile on your face.

This is sand

This is sand is such a fun website, that you will love it when you try it out. Just open the website and you will get a small pop up screen explaining how to use it. You will get a blank canvas which you can fill with, you guessed it right – Sand. Not just any sand, but colorful sand. You can just sit back, relax and fill the entire canvas with different colored sand. To change color of the sand go to top right side corner. Click on the colored circle there, and you will get more color options. Just select another color and start filling the canvas. Filling the canvas with sand is such a relaxing activity, which I can do for hours. You can even save your creation on the website.


Akinator is your wish Genie. It does not grant you wishes but reads your mind. Its a fun game to improve your mood. Just open this website and the akinator will appear and will ask you to think of a real or fictional character which he will try to guess. For guessing the character, he will ask you a couple of questions. Just keep answering and at the end it will tell you which character you were thinking about. I tried about 4 different characters and each time the akinator was able to give the right answer. So it kind of cheered me up.

Blah Therapy

Blah Therapy is a website where you can go if you are feeling lonely and want to talk to someone. With just the click of a button you will be connected to a random stranger, who will listen to you vent out your problems or whatever it is that causing you stress. You can be the one doing the talking or you can also volunteer to listen to someone else in need of venting out. The website also offers paid counseling, if you need it. But talking to a random stranger is free. Sometimes you just need to get things of your chest by saying them out loud and it makes you feel better. So this website can be your source to vent out your issues and feel better.


These are 12 websites which I found to be pretty useful when you are feeling down. These websites can bring in a sense of calm and make you feel more relaxed. Some random compliments will also cheer you up. So if you are sad for any reason and are looking for a little happiness on the internet, then visiting these sites might be a good idea.

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