5 Free Urdu Keyboard Apps For Android

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Here are 5 Free Urdu keyboard apps for Android. Using these free keyboards you can type Urdu on Android easily. These Urdu keyboard apps for Android come with other features as well. Some of these apps support themes and different keyboard layouts. Also, some of them offer a wide range of emojis that you can add in your texts. Not only Urdu, while using these free Urdu keyboard apps for Android, you can use other languages also. Though there are already some Android keyboard apps available, but they come up with so much annoying ads which is irritating. So, I have tried to find Urdu keyboards for Android that do not display ads on the main screen.

If you often use built in language pack of Android phones to type Urdu, then you might know that there are some letters missing. There Missing letters and some vowels, Urdu numerical digits, and many other symbols. So, to use a proper Urdu syntax for typing a text in Urdu, you need a better Urdu keyboard. That’s why I have compiled the following list of such free apps that will do this job for you.

Free Urdu Keyboard Apps For Android opening

Using these free Android apps, you will be able to easily type any Urdu text. So, now let’s explore the list of these free Urdu keyboard Apps for Android.

5 Free Urdu Keyboard Apps For Android

MultiLing Keyboard

MultiLing Keyboard is one of the best free Urdu keyboard apps for Android. It’s an extremely lightweight Urdu keyboard app with multiple language support. Using this free app, you can easily type any Urdu text and also you can add various special symbols in it. It comes with many keyboard layouts and themes and you can also extend its functionality by adding some plugins. Apart from just typing, you can include special symbols such as Urdu vowels, which are commonly not found in so many apps of its kind.

Getting started with this Android Urdu keyboard is very simple; just download and install it using the above link. After that, open it up and enable it using the first option on the screen. After that, navigate to the 4th option and enable Urdu language from the list. Now, to use Urdu on the keyboard, you can swipe on the space key to switch it to Urdu language keyboard.

Now, at this point, MultiLing Keyboard is ready to use and you can start typing your Text in Urdu and send it to any desired recipient.

Multiling keyboard in action

So, in this way you can easily use this free Urdu keyboard app for Android. I really like the fact that it comes with all the necessary symbols and features that are commonly needed to type an Urdu text.

Urdu مکمل Keyboard

Urdu مکمل Keyboard is another free Urdu keyboard app for Android. This keyboard app is pretty simple and doesn’t come with themes and smileys. Not only Urdu, you can also type English text with it. It has all the Urdu letters and vowels that are needed to write precise Urdu text. And it also comes with Urdu numeric digits. While using this app, you can easily switch between both the keyboards.

To get started with Urdu مکمل Keyboard, you need to first download and install it, using the above link. After that, open it up and enable it in order to make it accessible while typing. The app is ad free, and you will not face any trouble while using this app.

mukammal urdu keyboard in action

So, in this way, you can easily use this free Urdu مکمل Keyboard app for Android. The interface is pretty simple and it is best suited for people who only use to type simple text messages in Urdu language.

Rabia Urdu Keyboard

Rabia Urdu Keyboard is another free and very simple Urdu keyboard app for Android. This Urdu keyboard app allows you to type Urdu letters, words, vowels, and Urdu numbers. And it also has an English keyboard, so you can anytime switch to the other keyboard easily. It lacks some vowels and other Urdu punctuation letters. But still it is very useful as it has all the Urdu letters in it.

To get started with it, grab it from the above link and install it on your Android phone. After installation, open it up and enable it to come into action. To enable it you will have to follow some easy steps that the app will guide you. When the keyboard app is enabled, you can start writing your Urdu text with it.

rabia urdu keyboard in action

All in all, Rabia Urdu Keyboard app is pretty simple, you can use this app as a complementary keyboard app. And according to me it is best suited for very frequent Urdu usage.

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is quite a popular secondary keyboard app out there. It is loaded with lots of interesting features, one of which is support for a lot of languages. Swiftkey keyboard lets you customize the keyboard’s look and feel. You can change themes of the Keyboard and you can set gestures to do some specified task. In the Swiftkey Keyboard app, you can download the Urdu language pack and after that, you will be able to use it from the SwiftKey itself. All the other features of the app will be available while you will be using it.

After installing the SwiftKey app from the above link open it up from the app icon. After that, tap on Languages and a list of installed and available languages will appear. Navigate to the bottom and locate Urdu from the list and tap on it to install. After Urdu language is installed in SwiftKey Keyboard, you can start using it by switching to it. To switch to Urdu language swipe on the Space bar of the SwiftKey Keyboard app. When the keyboard layout changes to Urdu, you can start using it.

swiftKey in full actrion1

So, if you already have SwiftKey Keyboard app installed in your phone, then you can easily download and install Urdu language into it.

Some advantageous features that SwiftKey offers is that it offers auto complete suggestions and next words in Urdu as well, like it does for English language.

Lipikaar Urdu Keyboard

Lipikaar Urdu Keyboard is a very nice Urdu keyboard app for Android. It is quite different from all the other apps that I have mentioned in the above article. It doesn’t have Urdu fonts in it; just type your text in English words and then later those words will be translated to Urdu language. This app is best suited for people who are not so good at writing Urdu language.

Getting started with Lipikaar Urdu Keyboard is very easy. Enable it after downloading and installing it from the above link. And once it becomes enabled, you can start using it to type almost any Urdu text. By default, the text that will print in English, but when you tap on the Urdu from the upper part of the keyboard, then the output text will be converted to Urdu by translating it from the English words you have typed. The accuracy of translating English text to Urdu is quite impressive and adding emojis in texts is what I liked the most about this app.

Lipikaar Urdu Keyboard in action

So, in this way you can use Lipikaar Urdu Keyboard to type Urdu text by translating it from the English text. Also, it offers lots of emojis to make the text look more interesting. So, if you are a beginner in Urdu language, then you may give this app a try.

Closing Thoughts

These were some very nice free Urdu keyboard apps for Android. Using any of these, you can type an Urdu text in a very accurate manner. Also, some of the above mentioned apps also offer some other customization such as keyboard theme, layout, etc. Some of these keyboard apps also come with built in smileys, so you can make Urdu conversion more interesting by adding smileys into them.

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