Free Android App to Check Your Phone’s Sensors Data

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Sensors Sense is a free Android app to check your phone’s sensors data. This app displays a list of all the sensors available on your Android phone along with their data. You can check each of the sensor’s data individually. The app even shows a brief description and some details about the sensor. You can read it to know what does this sensor exactly do.

For the personalization part, you can choose from 2 themes: Material Design or Holo Light. Other than this, you can choose the units to display the date like the temperature, distance, velocity, acceleration, etc..

List of Sensors

If you are wondering what these sensors are which I am talking about, then here’s a brief introduction to sensors. All Android phones include various sensors. These sensors help your phone to perform a variety of useful and amazing tasks for you by sensing different things. Each of the sensors has a task of sensing a particular thing. The number of sensors an Android phone can have varies from phone to phone.

So, you can use this app to check the sensors your phone has along with the data and detail about them.

Using this Android App to Check Your Phone’s Sensors Data:

The Sensor Sense Android app is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to go through any registration process or any other annoying stuff. The app starts showing the list of sensors on your phone along with the relevant data instantly just when you launch the app.

Sensor Sense

According to app’s description, the app supports following sensors: Magnetic field, Sound sensor, Relative humidity, Gravity sensor, Position sensor, Proximity, Acceleration, Motion sensors, voltage and temperature, Speed and accuracy, Light sensor, Status and health, Level, Temperature sensor, Longitude/Latitude/Altitude, Linear acceleration, Battery, Environment sensors, Rotation vector, Pressure sensor, Location, Gyroscope.

It’s not necessary that your Android phone will have all of these sensors. So this app will show you the list of only those sensors which are available with your phone. In below posted screenshot, You can check the list of sensors available with of my Android phone.

List of Sensors

You can tap on any sensor to get more details about it. For some of the sensors, the app even displays a graphical representation along with real time change in their value.

Sensors Data With Graph

This way, you only have to launch the app, go through the list of sensors, and then tap on any of them to know about them in detail.

The other thing which you can do is personalize the app as per your choice. You have to tap on the three bar icon at top left corner to go to Settings. From here, you can choose the UI (Material Design or Holo Light), and the units for showing the data.

Personalization Settings

All the above screenshots were displaying the Material Design UI of the app. Below is a screenshot showing the Holo Light UI of the app.

Holo Light UI

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Final Verdict:

Sensor Sense is an awesome Android app to check your phone’s sensors data. The app works like a charm as you only have to download, install, and launch the app. The app is definitely worth a try.

Get Sensor Sense here.

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