Share Photo, Link, Text Directly into Facebook From Any Windows 8 App

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Minimal is a free Windows 8 Facebook client app that provides a minimal way to share photos, texts, and links directly into Facebook. It’s a simple Windows 8 app that makes use of the Windows 8 Share Charm to share your data (photos, TV show links, text etc.) from any other Windows 8 app installed in your Windows 8 system. The app also comes with a new way to quickly check every single Facebook notification and home news from with in the app itself or in a separate web browser. And if you wish you can also access and use your Facebook account as the way you do in any web browser.

It’s a simple third party client app of Facebook for Windows 8, that has a different interface and helps you to quickly view all Facebook notifications and news of your Facebook friends quickly and easily.


Getting all Facebook notifications and news feeds and sharing data directly to Facebook using this Windows 8 Facebook app:

The app is certainly made with a view to provide an easy medium to quickly access all the Facebook notifications and home news. The UI design of the app is what that makes it possible to do so. However, it’s a bit confusing, especially for the starters, there’s no instructions on how to use the app. But once you know the working of the app, it becomes easier and quite handy. The app does fulfills what it advertises and gives a minimal medium to quickly and easily read Facebook notifications and popular news feeds of friends. Obviously, you need to connect the app with your Facebook account with Facebook credentials and the app does use internet to work.

Minimal - connecting to Facebook

There’s nothing much in the app’s UI, but the three columns for Home news stories, notifications, and the Facebook browser itself. All the hottest news stories get updated in the left most column and the notifications in the middle column. All you have to do is simply click on the desired notification or the feed and that feed or notification will get displayed in the rightmost column. Good thing is you can also comment, like, and reply to other’s comment as well; just the way you do in web browser. Since Facebook doesn’t provide method of viewing notification directly. They are hidden in the top left corner and you can view them by clicking on the button and then clicking on the desired notification. This is the app that cuts all these clutter and show all the notifications and popular news feeds right at the main screen itself.

Minimal - App's UI and feed story

The app also consists of buttons to quickly make a post, or photo post, direct from the first screen itself. Another pretty good feature of this Windows 8 Facebook client app is it lets you use the app in any other Windows 8 app, such as photo apps, note clips, Food & Drink, Finance app etc. and then share your likes (photos, links, text etc.) directly into Facebook. Simply open the desired app and use Windows 8 share charm in it, you’ll see Minimal in the list. Simply click on it, and share the desired.

Minimal - app's integration with Food & dinning app to share in Facebook

Key features of this Windows 8 Facebook client app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 Facebook client app.
  • Quickly see all notifications and friends’ feeds.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Share Charm.
  • Works with other Windows 8 apps.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Here are two Windows 8 social apps using which you can access multiple social networks in just one app: F.I.T.Y and Meople.Net.

Final note:

Minimal is a good alternate as a Windows 8 Facebook client app. It’s functional and completes it purpose. But the interface could have been a little more better. Besides that it does make it easy and quick to see every single notification and popular feeds from just one single screen. Also the app’s integration with other Windows 8 app is a good feature to include.

Try Minimal here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
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