Free Online Sensitive Information Sharing Tool by Bitwarden: Send

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Bitwarden launched Send which is a free online sensitive information service. It lets you share any sensitive data online with anyone via link. The link is password protected and you can also specify the expiration time. With this, you can share passwords or any other text based confidential information. You can create multiple sends and then share them with your friends or colleagues. Apart from sharing secrets, you can also share files securely but for that, you will require a premium Bitwarden account.

Although there are various ways to the same thing but here it is offered right inside the Bitwarden UI. If you use this password manager then you can now use it to share sensitive information. Free plan only allows you to share text based data but if you upgrade to premium plan then you can share files securely. The link is password protected and the other person is not required to have a Bitwarden account in order to access the contents of ‘Send’.

Free Online Sensitive Information Sharing Tool by Bitwarden Send

Free Online Sensitive Information Sharing Tool by Bitwarden: Send

In order to create a “Bitwarden Send”, you need a free Bitwarden account. After that, you can just start sharing whatever information you want to share. Enter the text that you want to share and then specify other options.

Bitwarden Send Text

Scroll down to the “OPTIONS” and then configure link expiration. It will protect the link that will be generated with a password by default with a random strong password. But if you want to specify some other password then you can do that. Also, if you want to share information without any password then you can do that as well.

Bitwarden Send OPTIONS

Just copy the link of your Send that you have created and then share it with anyone you want. The UI where the link will take the other user looks like this.

Bitwarden Send in action

In this way, you can use Bitwarden Send to share sensitive information with anyone. This is simple and you can use also share small text files as well. However for files, you will have to upgrade to the premium plan of Bitwarden.

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If you are a Bitwarden user then you will like this newly added tool. With this, you can quickly share sensitive information with your friends, family, or colleagues. This is quick, simple, and very straightforward. You can always see what you have shared with other people so far and delete them from the Send section of the Bitwarden web UI.

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