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InstantCrypt is a free email encryption software which easily connects to your email. This free program is very useful for users who have very little knowledge about email encryption or doesn’t have any knowledge about encryption. Specially for users who want to exchange confidential emails within a business or company.

This free email encryption software, InstantCrypt uses PGP standard for encryption of files and texts. This is a very good encryption program and can send all your emails securely to the recipient of the email. What InstantCrypt does is it exchanges all your data with your email or web mail connection securely.

The best thing about this free email encryption software is that its encryption engine is an open source application and is very easy to install and use as it has a very simple user interface. But this free program does not support Unicode strings and does not encrypt hard disk of the system.


There is a lot more about this software. It has demo videos that helps you to start from basics of how to encrypt, create a key and decrypt your message and also to easily import and export your files.

Some of the features of this free email encryption software:

  • There is a forum for all the discussions about this software, InstantCrypt and the link is in program for visiting the forum.
  • You can make RSA 2048/RSA user key using option Key Creates.
  • Very intuitive user interface.
  • There is a drag and drop support for encrypted text windows.
  • All the bugs are removed in main module.
  • For apple and linux users all the step by step instructions are given for using the program.
  • There is an option to send the encrypted file in body of email or in encrypted text file.

Overall a good software for protecting your confidential data which you send through emails. InstantCrypt is easy to install and run. Also it gives you a video tutorial on how to use this software. So go ahead and give free email encryption software a try.

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Works With: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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