Free And Effective Cryptographic Software: Arcanum Editor

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Arcanum Editor is a specialized cryptographic software used for Encrypting and Decrypting messages. It’s is a highly sophisticated tool for reading encrypted messages or encrypting your messages. This cryptographic software uses the best encryption algorithms for achieving the process of encryption and decryption. Tested for safety and security; Arcanum Editor ranks itself as one of the best tools for encryption and decryption.

Cryptography has gained prominence in the past few years; as the security of data has gained importance. Encryption is probably the most effective method of securing your data. This cryptographic software provides multiple features for securing and protecting your data; with the help of encryption process. Decryption of the encoded text can also be done.

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Features Of The Cryptographic Software:

  • The ability to decipher encoded text as well creation of encrypted text.
  • Highly secure encrypting algorithms are available for the process of encryption. The encryption programs available at your disposal are AES (256 bit), Base64, Bytes, 1337 Speak and Rot13. Out of these; Base64 and Bytes can also be used for decryption.
  • Hashing feature is also included. MD5 (Message Digest) is one of the most reliable hashing methods and it is the primary hashing option in Arcanum Editor. Other options available to the user are SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 and RIPEMD 160.
  • Three Language options are also present. The editor interface works in English, Deutsch and Espanol.
  • Editing feature is also present for the text file.

Interface And Working Of This Cryptographic Software:

The interface of this cryptographic software is very similar to Notepad or Wordpad. This makes it very easy to use; as the files to be opened are text files. After opening the text file with the open button; you get to edit the file suitably. Search for words can be made with the help of a find button. You can even convert your words from Lowercase to Uppercase or vice versa. The format tab lets you choose the standard settings like the Autosave feature and the Word Wrap option.

The main tab is Encryption. You can choose from the four encryption algorithms specified. For those who prefer to go with the standard option, I would suggest going for AES. Base64, Bytes, 1337 Speak and Rot13 are advanced cryptographic programs.

Hashing is another significant tab. You can open a Hash file or use the existing algorithmic programs for the hashing purpose. MD5 is the widely used program while Secure Hashing Algorithms and RIPEMD 160; can also be used for cryptographic operations.

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Downloading And Installation Of This Cryptographic Software:

Arcanum Editor is a setup file of around 1 MB so it gets downloaded really fast. It is a zip file and has a direct .exe file; which is a launch icon for the software. No separate installation required.

Final Verdict:

Arcanum Editor is tailor made for those who want to use cryptography in the simplest manner. It’s available for free and is very easy to use. For cryptographers who want to encode or decode the text, Arcanum Editor is probably the best option. It does the hard work of encoding/decoding; while leaving the simple text of selection for the user.

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