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Google SketchUp is a free 3D modeling software that lets the user to design models in 3-D. The user can imagine and design 3-D models of articles ranging from small cups to sky scrapers, all with Google SketchUp. With this free 3D modeling Software, the users can design 3-D models of engineering objects, buildings and their layouts in 3 –Dimension  and other miscellaneous models for specific purposes.

The user can create 3-D models of buildings with this 3D modeling software and share them on the web by adding them to Google Earth. All this and much more can be done with the help of an array of inbuilt tools and options available on Google SketchUp.


Google SkectchUp, like most other products of Google is available for free download. It is capable of running on various versions of Windows including Vista/Xp/7. However it is not supported on Windows 2000. Also SketchUp can be run on various Mac OSX systems. Google Sketchup comes with a Pro version also that has even more features, and costs around $500.

SketchUp model works as an assembly of smaller 3-D components, which are of wide range in size and variety. A group of dynamic components make up the main model designed by SketchUp and a lot of these are available by default. The user, however, can also look up for more models in Google 3-D Warehouse or in the SketchUp’s component browser and use them in designing a model specific to his requirements. These components can be joined with other such components and can be made to work together. They can also be resized and combined with other objects without changing their orientation in the model.

You can also try other 3D modeling software like Blender, Sculptris and K-3D

Features of Google Sketchup:

  • Creating 3-D models of real time buildings, in order to add them to Google Earth is called Geo modeling. Google SketchUp can be used for this purpose when the models are too intricate and complex to design.
  • Google SketchUp has a slew of other tools and options that can be used for specific purposes during design and each of these are extremely easy to use. Designing layouts, Buildings etc., can be effectively done with the help of the tools customized tools for each of these specific purposes.
  • SketchUp’s simple interface makes it possible for anyone to use it. Online tutorials are available, which can be used to practice using this intuitive software. The online support offered is unmatched. Anybody without experience can use this software.
  • With all these intuitive features, options and explanatory tutorials, Google SketchUp is one-of a kind software for creating 3-D designs and models and sharing them on the web.

Download  Google SketchUp and start creating 3D models

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac
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