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Here is a free Reddit Wallpaper Changer software for Windows. That means you will be able to see Reddit images as desktop wallpapers on your PC. You can select a subreddit (contains images), set option to fetch images, and then save settings to use Reddit images as desktop wallpapers. The frequency to change wallpaper can also be set by you which makes it interesting. You can set a value (like 1, 2, 3, etc.) and select minutes, days, or hours option to change wallpaper automatically. The option to save a particular wallpaper to selected folder is also present. Thus, it can also be used as Reddit image downloader software.

This software also lets you select the option to grab wallpapers by hot, newest, random, top all time, top this hour, top today, top this week, etc., for the added subreddit. Once all settings are adjusted, save your settings, and the software will silently change desktop wallpaper while sitting in the system tray. By default, the filter is set to find and apply Reddit images as wallpapers with 1920*1080 resolutions, but you can also remove this filter.

reddit wallpaper visible

The screenshot above shows a Reddit image as desktop wallpaper and settings window of this software.

Using This Free Reddit Wallpaper Changer Software for Windows:

The software is very simple to use. You need to configure only a few options before it will start working for you. So, first, download and install the software on your PC. Launch it and you can see its Settings window.

The Settings window lets you:

  • Add a subreddit.
  • Set Reddit search query. Here, the default option is set to 1920*1080, but you can also remove it or add some other resolution.
  • Set wallpaper change frequency. As I mentioned in starting, you can set a custom value and hours/days/minutes to change wallpaper automatically.
  • Access Monitor(s) tab which helps to set wallpaper fit as stretch, fill, tile, center, etc.
  • Set the folder to download current wallpaper.

set options

These are the main options that you need to set as per your needs. Other options like enable wallpaper fade effect, auto start software on system startup, suppress duplicate images, validate wallpaper sizes, etc., are also there. Set the options and then save your settings.

After that, the software will sit in the system tray and do its work. It will automatically change the wallpaper based on the defined options.

You can also right-click on the system tray icon of this software.

right click menu options

Doing that will help you access options like save the current wallpaper, change wallpaper immediately regardless of the change frequency, blacklist current wallpaper, and more.

The Conclusion:

The software is interesting and pretty helpful to change desktop wallpaper automatically with Reddit images. The features to select a particular subreddit, save wallpaper, set change wallpaper frequency etc., make it a very good Reddit wallpaper changer software for Windows.

Get this software.

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