Eldy: Teach Parents and Grand Parents to Use Internet

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Eldy is a package of free essential programs designed specifically for the senior citizens around the world. Eldy helps older people quickly learn to use computer and internet. Eldy makes all the essential programs very easy and intuitive to use for older people. I was teaching my mom how to use internet a couple of years back, and I really wish I had discovered this amazing software for elderly at that time.

With computers and the Internet being so popular with the young, surely the older people in society would like to experience surfing the Net, chatting with friends, writing email and using a slew of other fun applications. The free application Eldy makes it possible for the elderly to enjoy the fruits of the Internet and other programs just like the young.

These older people are now able to write email, enter chat rooms, experience using a web browser, log on to simplified versions of Skype or Notepad and a program known as Eldy TV. This freeware works very well on Windows and Linux systems, however, only a beta version is available for Mac systems. Once this application has been downloaded, users will be prompted to answer a few questions in order to set up a personal email account. There is also the option of taking the…@eldy.org email address for those who are raw beginners. Once all questions have been answered and input, the program introduces users to “The Square”. This is where users are able to see exactly what applications are available.


So, what can be done on Eldy?

The following applications are within Eldy for Elderly:

  • A fully functional email account, gives the elderly the same communication device as their younger counterparts.
  • An up-to-date web browser with a large alphabet letters for those with vision weaknesses.
  • Access to chat groups and an easy version of Skype.
  • The Eldy TV channel, allows users to watch an array of different TV shows.
  • A simple word processing program that has easily understandable icons and tools.

Free Eldy is ideal for older people to learn the internet and other applications prior to downloading and trying to use software that is difficult. In short, Eldy is a free training ground for the elderly. The program is also perfect for young children to learn the tricks of a computer technology.

Also check out some software for kids like online coloring pages, Tux Paint, and Kidzui.

Reviews for Eldy are only positive with such comments as “Awesome” and “A breeze to use” Even some older people have commented that it is wonderful that some understanding engineers have finally considered the senior people in this world.

We completely agree with those comments. If you want your parents or grandparents to start using internet, introduce them to Eldy. It will make it a breeze for them to start using internet.

Download Eldy.

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