Website to See Time in Hexadecimal Color Format: HexClock

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Well we have covered a lot of articles about clocks like world clocks, alarm clocks, countdown clocks etc. But the one we are going to be talking about today is a unique one and is called a Hexclock. Of course when you hear the word hex you immediately think that it has to do something with hexadecimal numbers. Guess what, you are right. The hexclock website shows you time in hexadecimal color format.

You will see the clock on this website in form of a hexadecimal number which shows you precise time and changes color according to the hexadecimal color value. The below screenshot shows you the hexclock.

hexclock home

The hexadecimal clock has 24 hours color range starting from #000000 and going up to #235959. The best thing about the clock is that it changes color corresponding to the hexadecimal value. So every few seconds you will notice a new color in the background of this clock.

The clock you will notice in the center of your screen is also pretty easy to read. It is just the current time minus the colon (:) sign in between. For example, if the current time is 12:30:12 i.e. hours:minutes:seconds format, then the hexclock will show the time as #123012. The clock works in a 24 hour format, so the time is shown according to that.

hexclock home 1

Like in the above screenshot the current time is 01:33:47 PM. Its pretty easy to read and looks cool with the change of color every few seconds.

You can also check out a list of free alarm clocks here.

I liked this hexadecimal clock, as its simple and nice to look at. May not be very useful as there are many other clock apps which offer a lot of other features. But, it still can be checked out.

Check out hexclock here.

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