TitanFile: Free Web App to Send Files Securely

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TitanFile is a free web app which lets you receive and send large files securely. This sending and receiving is done via email and you receive a notification as soon as the document which you sent is accessed. TitanFile transfers is a secure medium to transfer your file by a secure connection and also it stores your files by encrypting it.


It is quite well-known in the corporate world that sharing and transmitting data through email has never given a complete security to the users. However, TitanFile will endorse your workspace by minimizing the risk of existing theft, and converging the flow of documents between you, your entitled collaborators and your client. You will be able to share the documents securely across the world, by supplying your clients with a password to view the file. Using TitanFile, you can also lock the access to a certain geographic sections.

TitanFile does not end here. You can place an expiry date and time for any file. After the specified time, the file is deleted from the server in such a way that it can never be brought back. The best part is that it does not require you to install any software. Everything works using your existing internet browser.

To get started with TitanFile for free, sign up for an account with TitanFile. The free service is for 30 days and allows you to upload and share up to 3 files of 500MB. After one month you will be asked to pay a monthly subscription in order to continue your access with TitanFile. Once you are logged in, the indicator panel will show your recent activity. However, if you are logged in for the first time, it will be blank.

Also, Sharing a file using TitanFile is even easier. Upload a file and once  it is uploaded, select the recently uploaded file and click on “share”. A new page will open that will ask you for contact information of  the person with whom you want to share the file. TitanFile also have the access to track every moment. You can be learned who shared it, what was shared, when it was approached, from where and by whom.

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In addition, it is not mandatory for others to have a TitanFile account to approach the credentials you sent to them. TitanFile can prevent printing & forwarding of important files unlike email wherein, you lose control of it once sent . TitanFile keeps control of all your information.

In short, TitanFile is excessively sheltering and securing online app which is absolutely free. So protect yourself from theft, cyber-crime & information leaks.

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