Learn Hand Washing Techniques with Your Favorite Song Lyrics to Prevent Coronavirus

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In this blog post, you will learn hand washing techniques with your favorite song lyrics to prevent Coronavirus.

As we all are recommended to wash our hands frequently. But a few ones, especially children tend to neglect hand wash during the day. Hence, here I am going to review a website where everyone can learn simple handwashing techniques while singing song lyrics.

Wash Your Lyrics is a fun website that can be used by you and your children. The main role of this free online platform is to let you generate a poster with handwashing instructions.

The interesting fact about this website is that you can enter your favorite song title. And, this will distribute song lines below each step of hand wash technique. This way, you can simply sing the song line for a particular step and next line for the next step of hand wash. Didn’t get how does it work? Let’s check out this website below and generate posters with handwashing instructions with song lyrics.

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download poster for hand washing with gel

Learn Hand Washing Techniques with Your Favorite Song Lyrics to Prevent Coronavirus

As mentioned earlier, here you can generate handwashing infographics with your favorite song lyrics. And for that, you can head to this website called Wash Your Lyrics.

You can find the website link at the bottom. Once you visit this website, it shows a page I have shown below.

fill the required details to generate hand washing inforgraphics

Here, you just need to fill the required details. To add your content, you can either enter the song or type custom lyrics after switching to the Custom option.

In order to get the song, you can add the Song Title and Song Artist name. Thereafter, you can enable the option of the song lyrics contains Diacritics.

download poster for hand washing with soap and water

Apart from this, you have the option to create a poster type. If you use soap during the hand wash, you can go with the soap. But if you use Gel for washing your hands, you can use the gel in the infographic.

As you can see in the images above, each line of the song is distributed below the graphic. Now you can sing your song and wash your hands taking a proper time.

In brief

If you or your children wash their hands in haste, you can recommend them this website. This is fun to use and at the same time, you are making your hands all clean. The website provides you a proper technique for washing your hands. This will not only help you to stay clean and hygienic but it may also protect you from any kind of illness or viruses like COVID-19.

Try Wash Your Hands website here.

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