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Glitterboo is an online application using which you can add sparkling effects to photos. Glitterboo can also be used to add glittering shapes such as stars, musical notes or even random shapes to enhance pictures. Best part about Glitterboo is that it is completely online, and you do not need to download or install any software to use this free software to add photo effects.

To add glittering effects to photos, you start by uploading your photo on Glitterboo. Glitterboo scans the uploaded image and intelligently adds effects to it. To add sparkling effects to your images, Glitterboo finds bright areas of your image, and adds effects there. Usually the application finds out high contrasting areas in the images and adds effects to these regions. However in complex images where there is not much contrast variance, this becomes difficult. But the application is intuitive enough to identify even those low variance regions and add effects to them automatically.

Here is an example of before and after image:


Also, while adding effects or shapes on to the image, it tries that the color of the added shapes/effects remain same as the background color of corresponding region of the  image. This ensures a nice blending of the effects with the images thereby not producing an odd look.

Glitterboo is quite unconventional in adding effects to the original picture. Unlike other traditional image enhancing/effect adding applications, Glitterboo produces an enhanced image corresponding to the input  image provided. The various areas in the pictures such as bright regions, shining spots, reflections etc., can be added with glittering effects individually. This makes Glitterbooo unique. Sample images with the effects added are available on the  website gallery to see for yourself how the original picture transforms after adding the effects.

Glitterboo is a simple tool for adding a number of effects and it is of great use to those who need their image to have a better appeal. Photographers who need to add some glint to their bright images can simply use Glitterboo to do so. Areas in the image with conventional lighting, Bright photographs taken during the broad daylight, Areas in the image with night lights, Christmas tree images, sceneries, Images with high contrast regions etc., can be enhanced using this free photo effects application to give a scintillating look.

Glitterboo also provides options to add non-glittery effects,which include adding effects like plain smileys, musical notes, snowflakes, random shapes etc. Sometimes the enhanced version of the image may appear to be more natural than the original version.

Apart from normal glittery effects, Glitterboo also let you add animated effects to your images.

Check the same photo with animation effect added to it:


Adding effects to images using the Glitterboo  application can be described in the following steps:

  • Upload a picture to which effects are to be added
  • The application scans the image and looks for highlights in the image like bright areas/reflection  or simply a combination of light and dark regions.
  • Effects are placed in those regions automatically by the application.
  • The colors are adjusted to match the adjacent regions in the image.
  • The size of the effect/the shape added is adjusted to produce a perfect blending.
  • The user can also select a specific region for which the effects have to be applied.This is done by using  a selection brush tool available on the photo editing page.

The image selection can be done based on the following guidelines to achieve better results using Glitterboo:

  • Choose high contrast images to get the best image enhancement.However,low contrast images can also be enhanced by the application automatically.
  • The easiest effects that can be added by  using the application are the Glittering Effects.
  • Use image editing options to vary the effects/intensity according to the need.
  • Choose natural images or images with a messed up background to get the best results.

The advantages of using Glitterboo application are:

  • Users can choose from a variety of shapes in different sizes which are to be added to the picture in order to produce a glittering effect.
  • User can upload images of different formats such as png, jpg or gif and the converted image can be saved as jpg or in an animated gif format.
  • Complex images with a low contrast can also be blended with scintillating effects.
  • An animated image with added effects is automatically produced by the application.
  • Flat images with a low color variance or low contrast can be edited using the sliders on the photo editing page before adding effects.
  • Additionally ,the user can control the regions to which the effects have to be applied.
  • Image properties such as maximum size, intensity of color etc.,can be changed by the user if necessary.
  • No watermarking is made on the enhanced image.So the user can get an image with only the effect added and hence the originality of the image is maintained.

Here is a video that demonstrates capabilities of Glitterboo:

Glitterboo comes in both free version, as well as paid version. Free version provides most of the features that you would need. There are 6 categories of effects that are available under free version, and each category has further shapes and symbols to choose from. This gives you a really large choice for adding effects to photos.

The paid version of Glitterboo is even better. It gives you access to 20 different categories of effects. More importantly, you can create high resolution images with a paid version. Surprisingly, paid version is quite cheap, and costs just $10 per year.

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