Get Real-Time Update Alerts For Multiple Social Networks

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Updatified is a free website that helps to get real-time update alerts for multiple social networks. You don’t even have to refresh (reload) the webpage as alerts are updated automatically. It is handy to get notifications for Facebook, Feedly, Google Calendar, Live (your account), Forrst, OldReader, StackExchange, GitHub, and current weather condition for selected city.

Benefit of using this website is that you will get alerts for all these accounts in a single webpage. You can click on any added account to go to homepage of that service.

Updatified dashboard

In above screenshot, you can see my Updatified dashboard that shows new notification alerts for added social networks (known as gadgets in Updatified).

Note: Unfortunately for Google account, it didn’t show me email alerts. However, it notified me about today’s events and appointments perfectly. If you want, you may try these 3 Gmail desktop notification software for Windows.

The best use of this website is to set it as your browser homepage. Once done, whenever you open a tab, you will immediately be able to see how many alerts are there on each of the service that you are tracking. So, you will not need to keep checking Facebook, Feedly, etc. for any updates.

It reminds me of Fruumo new tab extension for Chrome.

How To Get Real-Time Update Alerts for Multiple Social Networks?

The very first thing you have to do is access the homepage of this website. You may use the link given at the end of this review to access the homepage.

Sign up to Updatified with your email address and preferred password. After this, you will come to the settings page of your account.

sign up

On settings page, you will find all the gadgets that you can use to get notifications. It might disappoint you that you cannot add more than available gadgets for other accounts, like Twitter, Google+, etc. Total 10 gadgets are available to use. I hope they add more gadgets down the line.

settings page

To add a gadget for updates, simply click on the required icon, and login with your account (if not logged in already). After login, you also have to authorize Updatified to access your that particular account.

connect with your account to recieve real-time alerts

Similarly, you need to connect all other accounts. After this, you need to click on I’m done adding gadgets button present at top-right corner. This will save your settings and you will start receiving real-time update alerts on your Updatified dashboard.


Updatified is a beneficial website as you can see new notification alerts for multiple social networks simultaneously. If possible, it should let users to add more gadgets. And I really hope they fix Gmail updates soon.

Try Updatified free.

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