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Find Friend Flights is a free website to get email notifications about cheap flights to another city. For example, if you and your friend live in different cities, then you can enter your nearest airport in to this website and the website will send you cheap flights to another city where both of you can meet.

This is a good service, for people who live in different cities, but want to make plans to travel together to a new place. This way friends can meet and catch up and can also explore a new destination.

Let’s look at this website below:

Go to the website using the link given at the end of this article. You will see an interface like the one shown in the screenshot above. Now all you have to do is enter your airport name, enter you friends airport name, then provide email addresses of you and your friend.

Once done click the submit button. That is pretty much it. Now you will start receiving emails on the email address that you provided.

The email format will be as shown in the screenshot above. The email will have flights starting from airport names you added to a common destination. Like in the above screenshot, you and your friend can travel to Costa Rica for very low fares. You both have flights originating from your local airports to Costa Rica.

Once you subscribe to this service, you will get flight notifications regularly. Usually the emails are sent when particular deals are found. So the rate at which you receive these emails may vary depending upon the airport closest to you. As there are some airports which are more common to get flight fare deals then others. So you might receive the flight notification email once a day, once a week, or even once in a month.

But with the flight fare tips you get, you will surely save lots of money in traveling. Plus you will be able to meet your friends at a common destination.


Find Friend Flights is a nice website to receive flight fare updates to a common destination where you and your friend can travel to meet up. You just have to input the name of the airport for the two origin cities and email addresses of both the friends. Cheap flights to meet in another city will be scouted and sent to your email. You can end up saving a lot of money using this web service.

Check out Find Friend Flights here.

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